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It’s no hidden fact that “communication is key” for happy customers and thriving businesses, and an influential channel is a perfect addition. Channels that target a large audience at a minimal cost, provide personalized interaction, easily integrate with the existing system, and derive actionable insights. And what feature is more useful than a missed call service?

It is simple, direct, and a medium that captures customer information without charging them. The service is better at times as it beats conventional methods, such as phone calls, emails, messages, etc. It can help your business in several situations, such as keeping track of significant calls you may need to return later.

So, What exactly is Miss Call Alert Service?

Firstly, it is part of a cloud telephony solution, allowing businesses to promote products/services, conduct polls, surveys, verify customers, and much more. An automatic process that disconnects customer calls after one or two rings.

For a miss call alert service, you need a business phone number that will be marketed among customers on various platforms, like social media, websites, offline advertisements, etc.

Additionally, the automation process saves the customer time and reduces the manual intervention of the agents. Hence, significantly increasing the team’s productivity and enhancing the process of handling customer queries.

For example, whenever a consumer calls on the business number, the system automatically abandons the call after one or two rings-pushing the details to the Live panel.

The solution provides detailed reports of the callers, including phone number, time of call, regions, recording, etc.

What Significance Missed Call Alert Service Holds?

For Business: Missed call solution enables businesses to collect and maintain databases easily. It reduces the burden on agents, eliminating manual call handling and giving information to the callers. For example, whenever a consumer gives a missed call number, the calls disconnected automatically after two rings. 

Hence, automatically collecting customer information like number, pin code, etc., and pasting it into the spreadsheet. You can download the spreadsheet from the LIVE dashboard.

For Customers: It resolves customer queries without even paying calling charges and talking to agents. Additionally, they can get their required information; related to the company or discount coupon code on the SMS.

How Missed Call Service Benefits Businesses?

Zero-cost Investment

A missed call is the best mode of communication as customers do not need to spend anything to get in touch with a company. The simple solution saves customers’ data and provides them with the information they need. Businesses can use the information to best serve the customers as per the pre-provided information.

Brand Presence

Other than zero-cost investment, missed call solution dramatically improves the brand image of the business. Also, it holds the power to transform a company’s perception, showing customers that they are ready to assist them at any instant.

Secure Time

Businesses and customers can save time with missed call solutions. The service replaces the cumbersome process and eliminates the need to fill out survey forms. Additionally, it provides agents with authentic customer information, assisting agents save time on cold-calling individuals to generate leads.

Wide Reach

The pivotal advantage of missed call solution is vast reach. You can target your audience and promote products or services to a large audience. 

Quick Integration

You can easily sync your system with missed call solutions and get custom analytics tools like CRM, Google Analytics, etc. Moreover, your business can enjoy in-depth insights and customer information with a reporting interface; thus, making working easy for agents.

How Can Miss Call Help Your Business?

Businesses seek simplicity in their communication process and directly reach their targeted audience at a minimal cost. That’s why they need a missed call solution to easily integrate with an existing system, like IVR, email, or SMS. Moreover, you can help your business to do much more. Like:

User Verification

The advanced technology at present is making it easier for businesses to reach the targeted audience for verification and authentication. All because of an increasing number of fake and fraudulent users/people. It confirms whether their phone number is correct and working.


Question your consumers to opt-in or opt-out of your promotional campaign by giving a missed call on the registered business number. Apply these concepts to your list of subscribers as this feature provides the best customer experience and eliminates the need for agents to manually do operational tasks.

Lead Generation

Missed calls are highly helpful in lead generation, enabling your prospects to not fill out the lengthy form for submitting an inquiry. It increases the chances of converting your prospects into customers and the response to your marketing campaign.


Use the feature during an election, reality show, or feedback. It allows people to vote for their favorite contestant or provide feedback for a great customer experience. It helps reach a wider audience and for product-based companies to retain an existing customers.

Utilize Missed Call Service For Your Next Campaign

Your business growth increases with the missed call service of the cloud-based call center. You can optimize your employees’ time and help them in their hard times. If you want to take your marketing to another level and attract maximum potential customers, make your next investment today.

For the best solution, contact our support and begin your journey!

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