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Why mobile marketing is so powerful and receives high response? – Because it’s personal. Bulk SMS marketing campaigns have huge potential, with engagement rates reaching eight times than email marketing.

Here are more stats that tell you why SMS is a powerful channel!

Stats and Facts

1. SMS produces an engagement rate of 6 to 8 times higher than email.

2. 70% of people would like to receive offers on mobile devices.

3. 98% of text messages are read.

4. 50% of e-commerce website traffic comes through a mobile device.

5. Average response time for text messages is 90 seconds.

6. SMS coupons are 10x more likely to be redeemed & shared than mail and newspaper coupons.

7. 57% of consumers would be happy to sign up for an SMS loyalty program.

8. SMS campaigns have over 7 times greater performance than email campaigns.

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Key Reasons to Start SMS marketing

Here are some top reasons why your business should start SMS marketing.

1. Direct medium for communication. SMS sends directly to the in-box of all contacts.

2. SMS is a Cost-effective medium.

3. Perfect medium to increase brand presence in the industry.

4. Text messages are short and concise (to the point).

5. Great way to get feedback and suggestions from customers.

How to Collect Customers’ Data


The quality of data is the key element for an SMS campaign to be successful.

Customers want to feel special, so make feel them that you really care about them. Don’t treat them just like another number!

Try to collect their name, gender, interests, and other demographics which help you send more relevant and personalized messages to the right people.

But the question is how can you collect the customers’ data?

Let’s understand it with an example,

Meet Abhishek, he runs a store. And he sends a successful SMS campaign because he has quality customers’ data. So, how does he collect the data and build a powerful list?

When customers purchase something from his store, he asks if they would be interested in receiving offers or relevant information about the product they’ve purchased via text messages.

He offers incentives to customers to get their details, for example: “Win a free pair of headphones! Enter at the main desk simply giving you name and contact details.”

He also uses and promotes a keyword on in-store graphics, promotions, and price-labels. For example, “Text ABSHIRTS to xxxxx to get a 10% off code.” It allows customers to opt-in to your list.

Abhishek makes the mobile number a required field in an online form to place an order. So, he can send a confirmation text for the order and future offers.

He doesn’t use the keyword just in-store, but online too. For example: Sign up for our mobile marketing reward scheme, just enter your mobile number here.”

Pop the keyword throughout your site, where relevant, it allows the customer to enter their number.

Abhishek also uses a social media channel to get the contact details. He promotes a keyword to a short code across all social channels which encourages customers to sign up.

However you chose to do it, try and collect your customer’s data as accurately and as efficiently as possible – and with these ways, your data will just grow and grow!

Tips for a Successful SMS Campaign

Here are some tips to send an effective SMS campaign.

1. Segment your customers or subscribers list based on their purchase history, interests, demographics. It will improve your campaign.

2. Keep the message short, concise, and clear. An SMS consists of 160 characters.

3. You should create a valuable offer, customers will appreciate it.

4. Create a sense of urgency in the message. It will inspire customers to take an action. For instance – “Offer is valid till 15th of August. Hurry up!”

5. Message should contain a clear call to action (CTA).

6. Message should contain a simple opt-out option.

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So, SMS marketing has very potential and it offers many benefits like generate leads and sales, improve business ROI, build the brand, and get the customer’s feedback.

So, SMS is a great way to reach a target audience for different industries.

1. Retail industry – New product arrival, coupon codes, and discounts.

2. Education – Exam and syllabus information, exam tips, etc.

3. Restaurants and hotels – Special offers for events, deals on food & drink.

4. Finance Sector – Account updates, feedback surveys, etc.

5. Travel industry – Run a competition to send the winner off for a luxury holiday.

6. Healthcare Industry – Appointment reminders, health tips.

7. Real Estate – Provide useful information regarding properties.

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Hope now you get the idea about SMS marketing, if you have any query feel free to contact us or comment in the box below!

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