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Email marketing is all about to send content (text +images) to a list of subscribers. But how will you decide that how much content you should involve and how many images. Text content is necessary in order to let your customer know about your purpose and images are necessary to keep a hold of attraction on readers. Also, images help explain your text content in a single view if made properly and perfectly.

Now coming to the topic what are the conditions one should follow to get the proper conversion through email marketing service.

ratio of text and images in email campaign

Open rate and click through rate decides the result after the mailer is sent. Open rate decides the number of mails opened and click-through decided the active view of the reader/subscriber as they visit the links associated in your campaign.

There is no ideal condition, but as per the experts number of images and number of text line must be reciprocal to each other. Lower number of images, three or fewer, and approximately 700-800 words of text are appropriate.

Think before inserting images

Prepare your campaign outline, then prepare the content and then decide which images to use and which should be strictly avoided. Choose the images, which reflects the purpose of the mailer in case reader does not read the text in it.

It is not always necessary to always download the images; you may heir a designing team for this purpose and let them create the pictures of your own.

Do not pick random images; give it some time to choose the suitable ones.

Maintain a balanced ratio of text and images

Spam filters check the ratio of text-image in your mailer. So, this makes email marketing a tough job. What all are the conditions one needs to follow:

  • Never use only images
  • Don’t insert a lot of images
  • Do not focus on inserting the images with text content written on the image itself
  • Keep a ratio of 30-70 of image-content
  • Do not include only text devoid of images.

Cross check the visibility of images in different email programs

You have prepared the campaign; now schedule a texting on different email programs. You’ll face some distortion in the campaign in some of the email programs.

What to do now?

It is not easy to prepare a mailer, which appears similarly in all programs without any distortion. So, we need to design a mailer, which at least looks ok when opened.

The images do not appear in some email programs and you’ll simply get a small X in place of your image.

So, make sure to insert a background in the images position with a small description so that it does not appear ugly.

Focus on HTML not JS and CSS

Use HTML to prepare your email campaigns. Sometimes JavaScript and CSS are not supported in the email campaign though you may use inline CSS but with limitations.

Gmail, Yahoo and some other email programs even blocks the entire campaign due to use of JS and CSS.

Focus on HTML code to design your email campaigns.

Write the content in table format or in the form of lists/points

Use your skills to write the content in attractive format instead of writing a summarized story. Campaign designing means to present a company/product/service in few words.

You may try to write your content in shape of points, which should be brief and sound enough to let the readers understand.

You may also use the tables to show comparative studies so that your client may understand your product/services as compared to others in the market.

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