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Role of Video Conferencing In Conducting Courts

As the pandemic started there are so many organizations that are affected due to lockdown. Not only the private sector but it also affected the functionality of law enforcement and justice departments. Courts are one of those government departments that we need even in this pandemic. It is an essential part of any country’s system. The big ‘BUT’ here is how courts should continue without making contact and collecting people at one place in this pandemic.

Courts are one of those that need face to face interaction with lawyers, a judge, and both parties of the case. So, what could help run courts in this pandemic session? The answer was very clear; it is a Video Conferencing solution that can help these courts run again by following all the safety precautions.

How to Conduct Courts Using Video Conferencing:

There are currently so many video conferencing platforms. But, is every platform reliable? The simple answer is, ‘NO’. If we look carefully, some video calling apps are in our own hands but we can not conduct big trials on those applications. Those are only compatible for One-To-One meetings only and top of all security is compromised on such platforms. So how to choose the right solution for a court session.

So, one needs to find a secure platform for such sensitive meetings with ZERO compromise. Making court sessions on the virtual platform can be confusing sometimes as it is new & it is hard to understand the process if the platform is not user friendly.

Alongside, low bandwidth consumption, connectivity in low network areas, connectivity with people without smartphones & without internet are few more concerns that need to be addressed. Just like this, for sharing evidence, courts need a reliable solution like Cloud Drive. So these are the basic features that a court needs to conduct a productive and efficient court session.

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Let’s look at the features and role in a more detailed way.

  • Court Layout
  • Security
  • File Sharing & Collaboration
  • Video Sharing 
  • Share downloadable file link
  • Virtual hearing
  • Record & store sessions
  • Access in
    • Low Bandwidth
    • Zero Internet

Court Layout:

Many platforms show a grid layout that is confusing when you are conducting a court session. But this grid view is common on all platforms then what is the solution? Well, not in all. There is a platform, Sarv WAVE, that gives its users 3 layouts that can suit their needs. One of these layouts is the Court layout.

In this layout, every role is set to exact like a court session. This leaves no confusion for any user. In this layout, the host can assign participants their role to them. These are the several roles that can be assigned to a participant.

  • Judge
  • Left Lawyer
  • Right Lawyer
  • Left Witness Box
  • Right Witness Box
  • Steno
  • People

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As we all know, data is one of the most valuable things in the world right now. The video conferencing application should provide a secure way to connect all of its participants. End to end encryption is one of the most reliable methods to achieve this and is treated as an industry standard for security in chatting and conferencing platforms. So, try to get a platform that provides end-to-end encryption to all your calls.

Record and Store Session:

Courts should look for a platform that allows them to record the court session and save it over the cloud. This will allow courts to access their sessions anytime for future references. Sessions can be lengthy sometimes and lengthy sessions mean large video size. So, the platform must have space to save the same & that too much be secure.

Share and Collaborate:

In court sessions, evidence and documents are shared with all but how one is going to access it on a video conferencing platform? Upload files & share via presentation, upload file in drive space & share downloadable link for sharing with necessary people only, share your screen to show document/video/audio files. If the shared document can be co-annotated then it becomes more useful for the lawyers & judges. 

Not just it, these files can be shared with a shareable link. With this, it allows a user with a link to download the respected file with ease. So one does not need to switch tabs or applications to share and download files from others.

Accessible Every Time:

There are several things that affect a software’s performance and one of them is flexibility. The software needs to be available on most platforms that we all are currently using. The same goes with the internet. Countries like India do not have high consumption and speed of the internet. This is why the software needs to be able to run on low bandwidth without compromising the quality of the conference.

A single Court session can run for a very long time period. Limited data and low speed can make it hard for normal people to attend the court. For that one needs software that runs with the same quality as others but uses less data than others. Running on low bandwidth helps you save your 45-55 percent of data.

Virtual Hearing:

As per the current condition of the world, virtual hearing is the best practice that can be done in order to keep law enforcement running and keep delivering the result. So to make a hearing totally virtual, the video conferencing software must be capable of conducting a few things.

One of them is the breaking room. During a court session sometimes parties need to make discussions with judges or with each other on some matters. For that video conferencing platforms should provide breaking rooms that allow private discussion between 2 or more parties without disturbing the court session.

Making a prisoner appear in the witness box can be now less expensive and time-consuming. Now a prisoner can attend hearings from the jail under the guidance of warden and court personnel.

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Final Words:

Not just during the pandemic, video conferencing can change the future of law agencies. With video conferencing, courts will be able to run from any time with full flexibility. With an effective and efficient system, our government will be able to clear so many cases with ease.

These are the role and usage of video conferencing software in conducting a court session. The not only court but video conferencing can also be used to teach law students and make them practice court sessions. So stay safe and healthy in this pandemic by following all the norms related to health and use video conferencing to connect with others.

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