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Start Building Your Email List Visually Via YouTube

In some of our blogs earlier, we guided you that how you can increase your email list through various social medias which include Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+ and even through Pinterest.

Today on the same track we are going to discuss the same matter but in some different platforms.

If you’re concerned about the sales and marketing of your company then you can’t escape yourself from Email Marketing.

As I have already said that Email is the best communication channel between you and your customer.

And even the best Marketing strategy for your business.

But, Email marketing without Email list is like eating your favorite dessert without any sweetness. Tasteless! Right?

So start adding taste to you favorite Marketing Dessert and make your business tasteful.

If you’re really worried about spamming. Then prevent yourself from the very first step towards spamming and stop buying the email list and start creating your own list.

If you have already taken the permission from your customer, then it has less probability for you to be marked as spam.

Now the question arises”How I can grow my email list faster” Don’t worry we are here to guide you with various options for you.

Today in the various options we have provided, we are going to add two new member that is Youtube and Instagram.

YouTube- Start Growing your Email List

Are you using YouTube to gather traffic on your website or to build your email list?

If your answer is No, then start it quickly  because Video is becoming the latest media to grab people.

If you’re not aware then let me guide you, YouTube is the second most popular search engine after Google.

The increasing popularity of videos makes them a perfect marketing tool. It provides people a better involvement to the  message you’re trying to deliver.

And most important, it creates a personal touch with your customer.

So, if you are spreading your business through videos, then you’re not only making a good image of your business but you’re growing your email marketing as well.

Except it, Video and Email are the best combos for marketing.

Now coming to how first I would like to guide you that what you’re supposed to do.

#1. If you’re planning for it then I would suggest you to first prepare a Welcome Video of your website.

#2. Once you’ve started, make it your commitment and deliver interesting videos regularly.

Getting into marketing with videos is easier than you think. And all credit goes to YouTube. Thanks to this vast channel which allows anyone to upload any video.

No personal hosting and formality required at all.

All you have to do is to upload your interesting video over there and it will give you the link and you can attach your videos over your website or even in your emails.

#1 You must have seen the description box on YouTube, all you have to do is while uploading your video. You have to put the URL of your video as the first text in the description box. When you’ll mention it first in the description box, the URL will be turned into a live link to the YouTube so people when people will click the link they will be taken to your website.

This was the way to grab the whole traffic from YouTube to your website but if we are talking about growing the email list then, adding the subscribers is the best way to which you can add more people to your email list.

YouTube is the best and fastest way to make subscribers. All you have to do is to make a 2 minutes eye-catching, relevant and interesting video and the viewer is now your subscriber.

#2 For this, alter your videos and make  them short relevant and eye catchy. 2 minutes are enough for your video to grab people.If you have a lot to say then don’t say at once break it in series of videos.

#3 Make your search as easy as possible by making your tags, keywords relevant and rich and make your Tittle Interesting and eye catchy

#4 All your efforts will be in vain if your video can’t be seen by people, so make sure that you’re making any silly mistakes like forgetting to change the default setting to Public while uploading your video.

#5 Believe it or not the more you’ll spread your work the more you will be get profited. So never forget to provide the social sharing buttons to your video.

#6 As I have already told you if you have planned for it, then make it your commitment. Remain consistent with your videos, so that people can remember you. If you think that you have made one video and will rest for 3 months then, please opt some other way to grow your email list..

#7 Taking feedback is always important to improve yourself as well as it will let you customers feel their importance. So after every video try to attach one feedback page.

So you have your way decision is all yours either grab your customers to your website or make them your subscribers and consistent viewers by your interesting videos.

We have added one more way to increase your email list now go ahead and start following from the starting and find your own way to grow your list.


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