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In the midst of several notifications popping up on the heads of customers, organizations find SMS marketing as the potent way to deliver the intended message to the target audience. Many brands often believe that text messaging is an old technique and will not work in today’s ever-evolving world. But sending bulk SMS for promoting your services or products will get maximum reach because a text message is never left ignored. People will read the message and if it’s as per their interest or need, they will respond. Moreover, when you utilize SMS marketing campaigns in the right manner, it can allure customers towards the website or stores. This blog will explain the 12 best tips which you can use to curate marketing strategies in the best possible manner.

  • Clear Call to Action

An SMS with no strong call to action often gets ignored by the customers. Include a compelling call to action to grab the attention of customers as soon as they read your message. It can be ensured when you have made clear the purpose of the message along with the benefit of the action recommended in the SMS.

  • Know Your Audience

In order to get the best result out of the SMS, you have to know your audience so that messages can be tailored as per individual needs. For that, you can segment your audience on the basis of age, gender and location to know about varied expectations which can help you target more effectively.

  • Keep Message Concise

It is suggested to keep the message in the bucket of 160 characters. You don’t need to get into many characters as it can be boring and less engaging for the readers. Remember, the purpose is to create engagement and not to irritate them. It’s better to keep it to the point, which is cost-effective as well.

  • Timing is Key

The timing of SMS marketing campaigns is key to their success. Send communications when they are most likely to be read by your audience. If your audience is global, take into account things like the time of day, the day of the week, and different time zones.

  • Focus on Personalization

Your SMS marketing campaigns gain a unique touch through personalization, which gives customers a sense of value and appreciation. Add personalisation tokens to your communications so you may address recipients by name and include dynamic material that takes into account their past interactions or preferences. Consider personalizing offers, suggestions, or event invitations based on client history or area to go beyond simply using names.

  • Track Your Campaigns and Optimize 

SMS marketing campaigns are needed to be monitored and tracked regularly for recognizing loopholes in strategic marketing. You can improve the things which might not have worked in current campaigns. For that, you can try out by sending different offers to people at different times for recognizing which strategy has worked in your favour.

  • Find Right Frequency

Along with the right time, another thing that you need that matters is the frequency of the text message delivered to customers. You know you are doing wrong when you are sending promotional messages frequently and guess what customers will ultimately unsubscribe from your service. Make sure frequency is fine-tuned with the SMS marketing intent.

  • Creating A Sense of Urgency

Your SMS messages may encourage prompt action if you convey a sense of urgency or scarcity. Customers are urged to act quickly through limited-time offers, flash sales, or stock availability. Use powerful CTAs and convincing wording to highlight the urgency or exclusivity of the offer. Using expiration dates or countdown timers can help give your messaging a sense of urgency. 

  • Provide Value 

Your SMS marketing must benefit clients if you want to stand out in a crowded inbox. Give customers access to exclusive discounts, promotions, early access to new goods and services, or insider knowledge. Give customers advantages they wouldn’t get through other channels, making them feel like insiders. 

  • Optimize Landing Pages 

SMS marketing can be intrusive when you have optimized your website landing page in the best way for fast loading and seamless user experience. Your landing pages should be designed in a mobile-friendly manner so that customers do not face any troubles while completing a certain action, directed through the promotional SMS.

  • Give Choice to Opt-Out

Always include an opt-out mechanism in order to respect the privacy of the other person. Text messages can be personal. The guidelines under CAN-SPAM confirm keeping the messages away from the spam folder. In some cases, STOP is used as an opt-out keyword to get the customers unsubscribed from receiving the SMS.

  • Maintain Compliance

It’s crucial to follow SMS marketing restrictions. Give clients easy ways to stop receiving messages in the future and immediately honour their wishes. Review and update your procedures frequently to ensure compliance with privacy laws and industry best practices.

Final Thoughts!

SMS marketing is an iterative method of communicating your message. The more time you spend on honing your marketing tactics, the more you become proficient in dealing with your community. If you follow the best practices for your SMS marketing campaigns, you can learn about various things that can work in your favour.

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