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If you dream of setting up a global business, you must know that establishing international communication is the first milestone towards your vision. You can’t build a robust worldwide market with a local number.

If you are searching for a solution for this problem, all you need is to have a virtual number or a cloud number that helps bridge the gap between you and your customers worldwide. According to the latest statistics, the cloud tools and their market grew incredibly in 2020 during the pandemic. 

The estimated growth of the cloud market is about 6.3 per cent.

What Is A Virtual Number?

A virtual number or direct inward dialing is a number unrelated to a telephone line. These numbers are also known as cloud numbers, access numbers. Once you start using a virtual mobile number, you no longer need a telephone wire or a SIM. Such numbers are customised so that they forward the calls to a pre-set number of your choice. 

Moreover, the virtual phone numbers allow you the privilege of delivering the incoming calls to different mobiles or telephones the time or day. For instance, it will dispatch the call to your workplace during working days whereas, on weekends, it will forward the calls to your phone. 

What is the requirement for a Virtual Phone Number?

You would be surprised to know that you do not require any extra hardware connection even after having such a wide range of benefits. All you need is a device like a mobile, desk phone or a tablet and an internet connection.

Types of Virtual Numbers:

  1. Vanity Numbers

The vanity numbers are those catchy phone numbers flashing on our mobile screens that become easily memorable. Companies often frame these numbers with repetitive patterns or digits to enhance recall.

  1. Toll-Free Numbers

Such numbers are free of cost, and the company bears the charges, which motivates the clients to reach out to business if they need support.

What are the features of Virtual Phone Numbers?

The cloud or virtual mobile number offers a plethora of features. Some of them are:

1) Interactive Voice Response

It is the pre-recorded greeting response and operates with the customer through keypad inputs. It is a ubiquitous service that assists customers with a wide range of solutions.

2) Auto Attendant

Wouldn’t it be unique if you could have a virtual receptionist that eliminates all your extra efforts? The auto-attendant is the virtual attendant that helps you greet and guide your customers during off-hours.

3) Voicemail

Your clients can send you a recorded voicemail through this feature in an urgent situation. It helps you stay notified and maintain close contact with your customers. Moreover, voicemails are now available on several devices like tablets and desktops.

Statistics reveal, “companies can reach out to 52% of the population through voicemails on tablets and computers. 

4) Call recordings

The virtual mobile numbers help maintain transparency through recording the calls.

5) Auto notification SMS

Virtual numbers allow you to send auto-text messages to your customers after the call.

How Can A Virtual Phone Number Benefit Your Business?


Since it can directly forward incoming calls to a phone number, the virtual mobile numbers turn out to be highly cost-effective.

Enhances business image

Since it offers better efficiency and effectiveness and fosters better contact with clients, virtual phone numbers help enterprises and businesses create a better brand image. Once the company has different virtual numbers for other departments, it would help to increase efficiency to a great extent.

Consistent branding

Since virtual phone numbers help companies maintain consistency in their professional spheres, they help create consistent branding for the business.

More than a number

You can leverage facilities like forwarding the call, voicemails, advanced conferencing, call recording, auto-attendant, and auto-notification SMS while choosing a virtual phone number over a standard one.

Enhanced analysis

The facility of call analytics is one of the most extraordinary characteristics of virtual phone numbers. Such analysis helps the companies to monitor the costs. And keep track of all the activities.

No need for additional hardware

Virtual phone numbers are so cost-effective and inexpensive that they don’t even need hardware to function on. All you need is to have a stable internet connection, and you are all set to go.

Virtual Phone Numbers- Get A Virtual Number Now

Virtual mobile numbers are a one-stop solution for all your issues while globalising your business. It offers excellent features like voicemail, call analytics, call forwarding and empowers businesses through fostering a close bond with their customers. 

So what are you waiting for? Get a virtual phone number from a trusted cloud service provider Like SARV and let your business flourish!! Remember, you don’t need to change your existing number, take it with you and shift to a virtual phone system!!!

Get ready to lay the base of your global business. Contact our team at 9111-9111-00, 1800-123456-001 or drop an email to our team at [email protected]. Get your free demo now!!

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