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Worried About Your Email List- Check Out 5 Unique Strategies!

Anywhere you look around the business world email marketing is getting more exposure and proved to be more beneficial than any other marketing technique.

Email Marketing is no doubt a powerful tool that can extend the reach of your business beyond your website and gives you new sales opportunities

But before reaching the success of email marketing the very first step is to create the email list. But the world has come too far from the question that whether I should start working separately to create my email list .. The question which now is spreading is “How to build an email list faster and efficiently?”

So here I have guidance for you that will give you ideas to create your efficient email list and that too in a short period of time.

#1. Content Opt-in

A customer came to your website and didn’t make any purchase that definitely doesn’t mean that if he is not interested today he won’t be in need of your services in the coming days.

So, always be prepared you don’t know why a visitor is looking up to you, it could be your blogs or your products or may be your attractive website or any other thing which made your visitor visit your website.

Authority hacker opted 11,000 emails by a single content update

If you also want to grow your email list faster than start making the good blog posts and apply an opt-in where you’ll ask for the email of the customer in return for you interesting post, and there is nothing wrong in it. They by themselves giving the permission to take their email I.D.

So, start creating good and deep content that can attract your customers and start building your email list.

#2. Include Social Share Buttons In your Email

The first question which comes to our mind is what is the role of social media in an email. Typically the goal of serving good blogs to our customer is to increase  our website traffic and obviously we want our customer to actually read our content.

But the most curious question is what is the role of including social share buttons in your emails? Why anyone would share without reading content and how it will benefit me.

Well, if you’re confused with the same questions then you would be amazed to know that according to the analysis of GetResponse, emails with social sharing options have the average CTR 6.2% while 2.4% is the CTR of email without the social sharing options..

Even if your subscriber is not reading your content, if it is really interesting then it is going to own a large number of visitors and a huge website traffic and ultimately more marketing exposure.

#3. Dropping Name

Name Drop is a very burning technique to acquire your visitor’s email I.D and that too with their permission.

Name dropping not only links the identity of your brand with another brand. But It’s a perfect method to carry someone else’s influence while simultaneously building yours as well.

A perfect example for the Name Drop Technique is Neil Patel .

I seriously don’t know anything else other than Neil Patel when I see his name in some article and anyone who can name drop in companies like Amazon, Forbes, and many such leading companies, is just the one who definitely deserves my subscription.

But how you can apply this to you.

All you have to do is to create the interesting content, start providing quality content to your followers.

If you’re able to do that then one credible name would be enough to make your visitors hand over their subscription to you.

#4. Using Pop-Ups

Popups are the thing which can be seen everywhere it doesn’t matter whether you want it or not. Believe it or not but Social Media Examiner attributes it’s 70% of its total 190000 subscribers are through their pop-up forms

But this technique will only work if you’re going to serve some really good stuff to your customers.

If your articles are compelling enough to attract your customer the will definitely go through your pop-up form. But never make your pop-ups irritating for your visitors because this will in search of subscribers may snatch your visitors.

#5. Speed Up Your Website

Believe it or not, when it comes to internet speed is the only thing that can keep you alive there. Yes, your website loading time plays a vital role in increasing your sales.

If you’re completely out of what I am saying then check out these statistics from Viperchill to understand better that how your website loading time can kill your sales.

Sales at Amazon increased by 1% for every 100 milliseconds it shaves off download times When Google average load time from 0.4 seconds to 0.9 seconds – traffic and revenue decreased by 20%.

Shopzilla improved their average page load by four seconds, their page views went up by 25% and their conversion rate went up around 7-12%.

So if you’re trying harder and harder to create quality content, maintain your social sharing and keeps an eye on the working of pop-ups, first try to speed up your website.

So start working to build your email list. Definitely, it might consume some time but as quality content is more important than writing only content same as that quality subscription is even more important than having just a large number count of subscribers.

So start making it out, and tell us which one worked for you and do share with us if you have some great ideas.

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