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In our previous post we’ve mentioned 13 simple and free SEO tools which can help to work smarter and faster. Now here are 10 free (and 1 bonus) SEO analysis tools. For each tool, there are some brief overview and helpful screen-shots.

These tools will help you to analyze your website. Now, let’s get started. Read More


Affiliate marketing is a way where one earns money by promoting someone else’s products in exchange for certain types of benefits. For online or digital affiliate marketing, you just need an a computer and an Internet connection to recommend the product or service.

You can’t make huge amount of money overnight, it being a gradual process. Don’t give up if you’re not making money in early months. Keep one thing in mind – this form of marketing is not easy, it demands hard work and patience! Read More


Every one want to improve their productivity at home or at work. There are two ways increase your output– either put in more hours or work smarter. Productivity is the combination of planning and efforts. Staying productive in life can be a challenge for people or marketers.
But we can learn some productivity lessons from Little kids! Yes, you heard right.. Kids with cuteness and pure heart can teach us how to be more productive! Read More


People influence people. Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend. A trusted referral is a holy grail of advertising.” – Mark Zuckerberg

Remember when you last visited a nearby restaurant, which was very good in terms of food, services etc. Now whenever you come across your friends, who are searching for a good food place, you will suggest the restaurant you’ve visited recently.

This is what we call reference and this builds the concept of referral marketing, not only in restaurant’s case but in almost every business type. Read More


Social media is an effective way to learn about your audience & target them. It can help you to find new customers & expand your market reach. Social media allows to share content easily & quickly. It generates brand awareness.

On a personal level and commercial level it helps to build relationships, repeat business, gain existing and new customers. It has become modern marketing channel.

Do you use social media campaigns to engage with your customers?

Here, we’ll discuss 4 C’s social media marketing and tips for building and running successful social media campaigns. Read More


In our previous articles, we’ve discussed how social media are great for business and how to make a Facebook business page – Tips to Make Compelling Facebook Business Page [CheckList].

But one question that we always get asked is how do you get more people to become a fan of your page? In order to get success on Facebook you need quality content and an engaged community. Both communities and content are key elements to build brand awareness, because without one there’s no one to read your content. To attract more people to your page, it’s important to post engaging, interesting and valuable content regularly on your page.

See this infographic below if you want to know how do you gain your first 1000 followers or fans on Facebook. It will surely help you! Read More

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