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9 Common Mistakes You Should Check Before Shooting Your Latest Email Campaign


You’re ready with your new campaign and you shoot it to all your customers with lots of expectation that this campaign is going to boost your sales and in the second moment, you discovered that there is a broken link in the Call To Action of your email. Silly! Right?

Accept it happened and usually, you keep on doing these silly mistakes. You might be the most compelling marketer but in the end, you’re a human.

But sometimes these silly mistakes make you face embarrassment and sometimes heavy loss of image. So, it is very important to make a checklist and do testing before you actually send the email campaign. Here is the checklist which will help you in your next campaign to check it out if you’re missing something very important.

1. Spelling And Grammatical Errors

If you think that you have a big brand image and have a large number of customers and spelling and grammar is just a minor thing. Sorry but you’re wrong, if we talk about marketing it really matters.

So before sending your email to your customers send it to the biggest Grammar geek present in your team. You can even use some grammar and spelling check tools to avoid these mistakes.

2. Subject Line/ Seders name mistakes

It would be a big carelessness if you don’t check your subject line before throwing your campaign because it is the first thing that your customer is going to see and decide that whether he/she should go ahead and check the email or put in the trash.

Is your email is appearing as sent by a human or a Robot? Check whether your subject line is appearing clearly or getting cut off in between.

For that try to make your Subject Line of or under 50 characters.

3. Check Out For Broken Links

If lead generation is the central aim of your email campaign, then your broken links can be the biggest hurdle between you and your leads. Check it personally, yes personally! Click on every single link you included in your email. Is it opening well? Is the right page is opening? Is it showing you a 404 error?

Be very attentive to the links you included in your email. These links are the one which helps in generating leads and driving traffic to your website.

4. Escaped Links

After checking for your broken links never forget to check is there any link that is supposed to be there but is not present. This mistake is very common and regrating, especially when you’re using your CTA over an image.

Before you throw your campaign be very sure that all the places where you have decided to put a link, indeed include those links.

Not only images but have a look into your social media, your CTA, or anywhere where a link supposed to be.

5. Fulfilling the CAN-SPAM Act

I believe that you would never want your email for which you have worked really hard to create any legal issues for you. Nobody wants that, right!. If you seriously care about your image and don’t want to get trapped in illegal affairs then go through all the rules separately present in the CAN-Spam Act.

Be very sure that you’re not misguiding your recipients. Mention the correct sender’s name and never make any false identity. Keep remembering that if you’re going to violate the Can-Spam Act rules it could mean penalties up to $16,000 for each separate email violation.

6. Check Out Your Email Compatability

You Don’t know which device your subscriber would use or in which browser he will open your email, right! So, it’s good to stand on the safe side. Before shooting your emails to your subscribers never forget to do the compatibility test.

Try to test is each and every popular browsers and device and be sure that the way you’re sending your email you the customer is going to see in the exact same way.

7. Check The Web-Based Version Of Your Email

This is very important to be checked that is your email has a web-based version or not and if it does then is it getting opened properly over the web.

If some of your important images or stuff are not loading up then your customer can click on its link and can check it over the web.

Make your email an easy approach for your subscribers and not complexity.

8. Check Out Your Social Sharing Buttons

If you’re traffic gaining geek and want to drive as much traffic you can grab on your website, then it would be a great mistake for you not to check the social sharing buttons. Before you send your email check if every social media you wanted is present or not. If it is present then whether working properly or not because as I always said you that it’s you social media which will make your company a brand.

9. Check For Your Distorted Images

Images play a vital role in your email, it makes your email beautiful, catchy, and makes catches the interest of your reader. So, never forget to have a cross-check into your images.

Is your image overstretched? Is it having a low pixel issue? Is it quite squeezed? Check Out every single thing. Apart from this be confirmed if you have attached alt text with your images or not.

So, start working out for your email campaign because when you throw a campaign you not only send an email, you send a complete packet of your Brand Image, your lead generation, your reputation, and whatnot.

If a small mistake is hampering your reputation so it’s better to stand on a safe stage. So go ahead, make a checklist, and hang it over your desk. So that you don’t repeat at least these mistakes in your next email campaign.

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