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It does not matter if your business is old or new. Every business needs a customer base with which you are in constant communication. Another constant thing in a business is marketing. Covering a vast and diverse market is only possible if you are using the right service. One service that is able to do that for you is the bulk SMS marketing service.

Today we see the competition getting big and big every day in every industry. To keep up with this competition, SMS is the best way to target a larger audience in lesser time. There are statistics about SMS marketing that show how well it can and will perform for a business.

A major statistic that might impress you is that the open rate of SMS is 98%. On the other side, the spam rate of SMS is only 10%. Roughly if I say, nearly 90% of SMS you send will be read by your customers. Amazing, isn’t it. But we have something more amazing for you, and that is Sarv also provides this very service with 99% of uptime. Yes, our servers and systems never go on leaves, even on Sunday or fall sick. We assure you that you are connected to your customer every moment.

After learning what bulk SMS service is capable of, let’s learn what value it will add to your business.

Why We Use Bulk SMS Service?

Target Particular Audience:

While you work with bulk SMS service, it allows you to target selective audiences. A business is able to focus a campaign on a single type of audience at once. Target them with custom offers or messages and improve the efforts of your marketing team.

Lightning Fast:

SMS’s are the quickest method to reach your target. Whether it is OTP, transactional message, offer messages, bulk SMS will always end up as a notification to your audience in no time.

Not Annoying:

While doing something important, you receive a call. You pick it up, and it turned out to be a telecall. What an annoying feeling, right? But this is not the case with bulk SMS. People always read them, and these never annoy them. It is the best way to initially approach your customers.

Pushes Your Sales:

With SMS, you can promote your new products and offers to your potential customers without annoying them. If your business is launching a new product, SMS is the best way to approach them.

Better ROI:

In comparison to other marketing mediums like print media, digital media, and outdoor marketing, SMS proves itself to be more economical for a business. While SMS is a low-budget service, it always fits best into the budget of all sizes of businesses. You can put it into action in no time while it gives you a high ROI.

SPAM is Not a Problem:

Spam is one thing that scares automated marketers a lot. Until you are getting your Bulk SMS service from white-labeled providers, this thing will always haunt you. If your SMS also ends up in the spam then what good is it, right? Well. it is not the case here. SMS has only a 10% of spam rate, and if you are working with a good service provider, you can reduce this number by a lot.

Always in Touch:

Customers always love to know about new offers and new products of yours and SMS is the right way to do it. It keeps all of you connected with your customer every time you have something new for them. Run a campaign or send some irregular SMS Bulk SMS service has always got your back.


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