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How to Communicate with Customers Using SMS

Messaging has taken over telephone and e-mail as the leading technology for private communication through SMS (Short Message Service) or messaging applications.

Many people still feel more comfortable texting than calling. Today, more than 5 billion people worldwide send and receive SMS messages.

SMS has many more unique benefits than any other apps available on our smartphones nowadays, like WhatsApp or Messenger.

  • Works on all mobile phones
  • Doesn’t require any internet connectivity to send or receive the SMS
  • It is inbuilt; no downloads required

In addition, the fact that in most mobile phone packages, SMS has become virtually free, and it becomes clear why it is one of the most accessible channels for customer communication.

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Where do you start then? Here are a few methods you can communicate with your customers via SMS:

  1. Notify your Customers About Your Latest Deals: When there’s an offer or has a special announcement, the best way to alert your customers is SMS. You can easily send a mass SMS alert together to all your customers.
  2. Surveys or Polls: Surveys and polls can also help a company get an idea of what customers think of your brand and how you can improve. Although SMS is only suitable for very short questionnaires, it is compensated by their high open-rate.
  3. Account Alerts: You may have received automatic SMS notifications for subscribed services. Maybe in the login authentication process, to confirm an electronic financial transaction, or to get an estimated time of arrival (e.g., Uber). Text Alarm Systems allow companies to automatically send urgent and urgent messages to large groups of people.
  4. Updates & Reminders: The text also offers a convenient and understandable way to keep customers in mind. In e-commerce, people want to be at home when their package is delivered. By notifying them in advance, it is more likely that someone will open the door at home. This saves your customers the extra effort of having to pick it up somewhere or wait for another delivery attempt.

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Best Tips To Be Followed to Get Started

SMS service has its own rules and etiquette. Here are a few ground rules:

Get Permission: It’s a law, not etiquette. This post provides a quick overview of what laws and regulations work around the world, but most come down to this: you must have written permission to receive SMS from customers. Verbal permission is not enough.

Collect Phone Numbers: This is definitely an obvious thing that needs to be taken care of. To send an SMS, you will require phone numbers. Registration forms and contact forms are suitable for this purpose. Just make sure you explain that your business will or may contact you via SMS.

Consider Timing: Successful communication with SMS depends on the right timing. Keep your texts limited to normal business hours. Your customer is probably not happy to receive a message in the middle of the night.

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(Re)introduce Yourself: Some customers might not have saved your number. As a result, they may be confused if the text of an unknown number appears on their phone. Introduce yourself every time you start a new conversation with a customer. This saves confusion and makes the customer more likely to respond.

Keep it Simple: We generally avoid reading long messages. So keep your message short and simple as it will interest customers.

There are many more tips that need to be followed, like avoiding spam, the use of emojis, etc. So it is you who can make things up and grow yourself. If you are looking for an SMS solution for customer service, you might want to consider something similar to Sarv. It connects to all the main messaging channels, allowing you to reply to SMS, your website, WhatsApp, and other conversations. All from one center, it is optimized for professional support.

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