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Choose Right Phone Services

While we are moving more toward the text, emails, and multimedia for marketing purposes, one thing is still there at its place but better. Yes, we are here talking about voice services. Voice services may look old but as it has now collaborated with automation technology and ai, it has become far better. For a business, phone service is still a reliable and transparent conversational option.

So let’s start the article to guide you on how you can choose the right business service for your business.

The Identification:

Know what you want is easy but getting the right one is a little hard. More than 50% of companies are already using VoIP systems. This is helping them with cost savings and upraising their productivity. Right now, there are so many choices out there when you look for the best business phone service provider for any size business.

So as you start looking up for it, look for three essential components; technology features and vendors. First, tally your business’s requirements and gaps you are trying to fill with this service.

The Right Type:

If a service provider says that they have ‘one-size-fit-all’ kind service to offer you, just walk away. This kind is not good for any business. Depending on the business niche and goals, the size and elements of the solution change. There is 2 type that you need to know about and that is On-Premises PBX and Hosted PBX.

On-Premises PBX is where PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is maintained, operated and owned by the organization.  This need organization to put some efforts into maintaining the device while giving them more exposure to control it independently.

Hosted PBX is alterative of the above one and is purely cloud-based. No physical PBX is installed at the organization. It will be controlled and maintained by the service provider’s end.

The Volume:

Let’s look at the numbers of calls, both incoming and outgoing. If this number is really heavy you might like to have an on-premises PBX system. Heavy calls are easy to deal with a physical PBX setup your premises. For backup, you can still take a hosted PBX for an emergency. But on-premises PBX will require good maintenance and care to run properly and this will be the organization’s responsibility. The service provider will only responsible for the service now.

Or you can choose the virtual or hosted PBX if your call volume is in the mid-range or low. Hosted PBX releases organizations from the responsibility of maintaining and operating a PBX. All the work will be done from their end. They will route the call, maintain the device and all other work.

To get free from this, you can also hire a company to provide you with cloud telephony and other Business Phone services like Tollfree numbers. Get in touch with them instead of setting up your own PBX team. It is cheaper and easy to manage. These service providers are best at serving any size of the business. You will find plenty of options from them that perfectly suits your business.

You can also go along with a VoIP system too if you want to address your customers from anywhere and anytime. This enables your team to work remotely.

The Work Flow:

This is what you should also consider before making up with any service. If you already have a remote team then PBX will be an unnecessary expanse to the company. Try to go with VoIP as explained in the previous section, it enables your team to be flexible.

VoIP comes with a dashboard and virtual control unit to command and operate it from anyplace. This makes the work-flow more flexible and productive in nature. With VoIP, your team will be able to take calls from any device by making it their softphones.

Secure Data Structure:

There are so many organization that follows the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy. That says that a person needs to bring their own device to work. This increases the chance of cyber or data theft of the business. While searching for a company that can provide you with a business phone service, try to look for securities they are providing.

With a web-based communication system or a virtual app-based system, it is possible to reduce some of these thefts.

Business Phone Services Providers:

  • While finding the right service provider, you should look for a few things before making a contract with them.
  • Read service-level agreements carefully. This will give you the idea of their service in the downtime.
  • Take a pre-analysis consultation from them. In order to satisfy you, they already have one report in the back of their pocket.
  • You might be investing in several pieces of hardware while opting for service, even if it is cloud-based. Look into this detail very carefully too.
  • Get an overview of the installation planning and estimated time and cost of it.
  • Also, have a routine checkup from them for the system. It is necessary to keep the system efficient and productive.
  • Bring transparency to the contract, tell them to describe everything that is going to affect you, like internet usage, area for hardware, any special conditions or requirements.


With the right business phone service provider you can bloom your business. All you have to do is take care of the points mentioned in this article. Thorough research on service providers may eat up your time but it is necessary. You might get delayed by a few days from your fixed schedules but it is for your business and your own good. Investing your time will result in a more synched, flexible and effective service that will drive your business on the path of profit and greater ROI.

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