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From the past few years, India has shown big growth in the number of startups. They are getting funded by several investors either from India or other countries. Indian entrepreneurs and business people have shown their skills and result of the unique and creative mind to the world and is now seeking for growing up more and more every year. According to NASSCOM Indian Startup Report, India has moved to third place for providing a conducive ecosystem for startups.

Whether you are a startup or a business, customer relationship is an important part of both lives. One way that helps in that is the Telephone. A business or startup needs to stay in touch to increase their chance of success. One way to make sure of it is Cloud Telephony. It does not only increases a startup’s chance to serve their customers in better ways but also help to answer customers’ queries.

A business should always opt for better Cloud Telephony Providers. Why? Because they are the source of better call lines and better voice transmission services. Not just that, they have a lot on the table to serve you with. When you are selecting them there are a lot of factors you should take notes of like, call services, call quality, time to take an incoming call, call connectivity and more. But what actually is Cloud Telephony?

What is Cloud Telephony?

So as we know, automation is taking more and more part of our business day by day. This same automation is here to help you with your business or startups. There are several different products and services that this technology has under its sleeves. It is like you are setting up a whole Telephony Department, the only difference is that you are setting up it on the cloud without investing a penny in the infrastructure.

In other words, we can describe its Cloud Telephony Solution as an upgrade of the IVR system by the cloud’s capabilities. You will be provided a dashboard from where you can manage all the process going under this automated system. Going with the right Cloud Telephony Service Provider can change the way customers look at your brand. It helps in building a better and long-lasting Business Customer relationship.

Cloud Telephony Advantages:

There are a lot of areas where it can actually help you in so many ways. So what you are getting after integrating your startup with Cloud Telephony Solutions.

No Cost on Infrastructure:

Startups are not usually stable, especially in its starting days. They sometimes need to switch to another location in short or in a span of a year. This relocation can be a bit hectic when a startup has to move its whole telephony setup to another location. Because moving a huge traditional phone system is inconvenient. Not just moving but if these systems fail at any point you need to call the operator and during that time you might lose some important calls.

Cloud Telephony Advantages

So turning your face towards Cloud Telephony opens gates of relaxation for you. It also does not demand any additional infrastructure or hardware that you have to set up at your end. No hardware means most of the problems will be at the software end and those can be solved easily by your Service Provider.

Global Marking with Virtual Identity:

You are planning to make your footprint all over the world but suddenly one thing holds you back and that is your budget. With this piece of technology, you don’t need to hold yourself back anymore. All you gotta do is opt for a Cloud Telephony Solution that is Virtual Number.

You can handle your international clients on that virtual number. With this, the call will be directed to who is handling calls from that number. So without moving your startup now, you are able to help your international clients and answer their queries.

Protect the Identity:

Are your agents afraid of revealing their identity while calling or your client/ customer doesn’t want to reveal their identity while calling you? Well, it also has a solution for this. It provides number masking on both ends. So if your agent is calling to customers or clients then the client will not be able to see the number of the agent. The same will happen when the call takes place from the customer’s side.

So after the job is done, no one can bother no one. It is better if some things stay private because without privacy and order we will be just like animals.

Data-Backed Analysis:

If you believe in doing things with strategy and not just firing aimlessly to hit the target then cloud telephony solutions are your thing. In this, every call is being monitored and recorded by you and an AI-based system. Now all you need to do is grab this data from your dashboard. The software has analyzed it already, your role here is to take the data that is of your need and make strategies over that.

So these are mare but big changes that it can bring at your disposal when you integrate your business with this technology. Digitization is one basic need of today and with this automation system, you can take a step toward increasing your chances of success and serve your audience better every day.

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