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Why You Buy cloud telephony

The Startup culture is widespread today but also stagnant. I see startups coming into existence with the speed of light. But only a few of them are able to plant their feet in the market.

Have you ever wondered why only 3 out of 10 startups survive?

Any guess…?

I have always been saying in my previous articles, and I still repeat that One decision can make all the difference. Believe me, it’s all about taking the right decision.

Adopting a certain technology can change the whole game. I’ll make it simple for you.

Let’s go back a few decades back when there were no instant means of communication. It’s indeed a fascinating journey where our ancestors blew animal horn in order to send a signal. Later on, airmail devised by pigeons and telegraphs came into existence.

But still, these were not meant for effective communication.

Thanks to Alexander Graham Bell who invented the wonderful instrument Telephone back in 1876. One of the most effective means of communication.

The telephone has improved the speed at which conversations move, and this is the reason it remains the favorite means of communication.

It is still in hot trend for customer engagement and lead generation.

But today our world is driven by technology. And this technology has moved telephone system to the cloud, unlike other things. So there’s no headache of managing the huge instruments.

And the technology which moved phone PBX over the cloud is known as cloud telephony.

In this article, we’ll discuss 5 questions that you need to ask yourself before selecting cloud telephony for your business. These questions will help you to know is your business really in need of cloud telephony or not.

1) Do your customer call you?

You are the only one who knows your customers well. So before switching to cloud-hosted telephony ask yourself – Do your customers really call you? If yes, then how many calls your business get in a day. If you receive less than 30 calls a day, then cloud telephony is not the solution for you. Apart from this recognize whether your customer.

But if you receive a huge amount of calls a day then in you’ll find cloud telephony extremely beneficial for you. Apart from this recognize whether your customer database and integrations have increased beyond your manual management or not.

So evaluate what are your business requirements and select the solution accordingly.

2) How much business does every call brings in?

This is secondary but a vital decision to define beforehand. Moving to the cloud is just like an investment. So once you have evaluated how many calls you get in a day, then you need to analyze whether these calls are really beneficial and meaningful for your business? Do these calls really bring in the business (leads)?

For example:

If my revenue last year was X then this year after moving to cloud telephony will I generate 2X ROI?

If your answer is yes, then you should surely opt for cloud-hosted telephony.

But if your answer is no then certainly it’s not worth the investment.

3) Does your business need a virtual mobile number?

The big plus point of cloud telephony is that a single virtual number is capable to serve all the business needs i.e. Voice Call Solution and SMS Solution.

But here you need to figure out an appropriate technique to choose the right kind of business number according to your business setup.

Let’s suppose, your business is based in Pune so it doesn’t make any sense to buy the Jaipur’s landline number. Furthermore depending on the nature of your business.

Depending on the nature of your business choose whether you need a Fancy CLI like 44554455 or an 1800 toll-free number.

4) What are the features available?

This is indeed a million dollar question you should ask yourself before switching to the cloud-based phone system. Though cloud telephony comes with a bundle of outstanding features but still examine whether they can be really useful for your business or not.

Have a look at the list of features which you should certainly look for -

  • Call Recording
  • Advanced Routing
  • Automatic Call Distributor
  • Skill-Based Routing
  • Contact List Management
  • Live IVR Design
  • Reports and Monitoring
  • Documented APIs

Take a look at this features and figure out how it can help to revolunatize your sales funnel.

5) Are there any hidden costs?

There are few cloud telephony providers out in the market who charges hidden costs in the form of maintenance costs, replacement cost, installation cost, continuity costs, etc.

But the few vendors provide free upgrades and eliminates all other costs. It’s pricing is 100% crystal clear which ensures the transparency of pricing. You pay as you use the services. They take care of all other stuff like installation etc.

So it’s highly recommended to clear these points at the beginning itself to avoid the confusion and for better transparency.

In my opinion, you should list out all your problems on a piece of paper and inquire your cloud Telephony Provider how the system is going to address the problem.

Communication is the lifeline of any business. And the more you research, the more you’ll explore the ways to provide better communication and can serve your business. But in a nutshell, I wish to say that the cloud telephony can prove to be a game changer for your business. It serves a long-lasting enterprise level to your business.

Don’t give a second thought. Get it now (y)

If you still have any doubt or query then feel free to reach us. Drop us a note in the comment section below and we would be glad to assist you.

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