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The coronavirus crises have become so worse than anyone thought a few months ago. It has disrupted business so much that virtual working has become the new norm. Sudden switching of things has put most of them out of their comfort zones, especially those where telecommuting and virtual communication have never been available. Things are equally difficult for employees because they work from home with their productivity levels and technical problems. The biggest challenging thing for companies is coordinating and communicating with the clients.

Here, to get rid of all these issues effectively, probably cloud telephony can be the best solution. Although global companies have been using this technology for some time, it may be a novel concept for many in this situation. For this reason, it’s important to understand what cloud services are and how they can benefit your business now and in the future. Let’s discuss in detail how this works as an ideal solution for businesses during the lockdown

Before understanding how a cloud telephony system can help business communication, let us see the challenges the companies face with this new working model:

  • Lack of communication in teams, with clients and customers in different locations
  • Challenges in handling business calls when employees are not in the office
  • Issues with accessibility which is making it difficult to manage teams remotely

To get your company back on track, it is important to know the challenges that employees are facing in such crisis situations. Fortunately, you even have a solution that you can depend on to meet these challenges and streamline good communication. So to find out solutions for all your issues, cloud telephony services can be the best option to opt for as it would solve each problem effectively. Let us see how this can get your organization back on track in the COVID-19 era.

1. IVR & Virtual Numbers: This is the best solution to manage business calls. Now everyone is working remotely; they might have trouble managing business calls; a cloud phone solution with IVR and virtual numbers is exactly what they need right now. One can easily optimize the campaigns to track customer calls in real-time once IVR is in place. Also, accessing the voice recordings is also best as it can be used to evaluate the quality of customer communication and the performance of team members when they communicate remotely. Virtual numbers allow agents to be available to all customers, no matter when and where they call.

2. Toll-Free Number: Want to be available all time for assistance? Try toll-free numbers. Apart from business, NGOs and government organizations are doing even more to help customers and the general public. This is possible through assistance or by merely raising awareness of social exclusion and other effective measures to combat the disease. Toll-free numbers are another element of cloud telephony solutions that will definitely play the best role in this context. The best thing about these numbers is that callers can connect without spending anything.

3. CRM Integration: If you want to serve your customers in a better way, CRM integration can help you. Although you need to connect with your customers now, better service during a crisis can strengthen long-term relationships with them and increase your brand’s credibility. A cloud service can be integrated with your CRM system to help your agents better serve customers. This allows you to analyze the management process, which also positively impacts sales and productivity.

4. Missed Call Services: The working model has caused stress for many of us because of sudden switching. Due to stress and simple IT issues, employees may get frustrated and may drop calls. To reduce the possibility of being unavailable, having a missed call service can be a great solution as it helps you track and then reconnect to the callers who are missed. The missed call alert will notify the employees in real-time so that they do not miss any calls.

5. Cloud Contact Center Solutions: This service will let you keep your communication high and running as cloud telephony is the best solution for communication-related and business continuity issues. So if you want to establish an efficient communication network that will connect remote workers, a cloud-based contact center solution is the best. It also has an analytical dashboard that will track, monitor, and manage the performance of employees.

Whether you are a healthcare organization, educational institute, or a product-based business, cloud telephony can help you a lot in the current scenario. So this is the time to grow, not to lose your business. Integrate your business with technology and serve your clients and customers in a better way.

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