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As per surveys, 93% of customers are likely to make repeat purchases with companies that offer excellent customer service. So customer service is the cornerstone of successful businesses because it makes your brand stand out in a competitive landscape.

When it comes to achieving excellent customer service, there is no one universal. However, ensuring customer availability and effective communication are some important elements that no company should overlook.

The toll-free number covers your organization on both fronts, ensuring availability around the clock and allowing seamless communication with each caller.

In the COVID-19 scenario, accessibility and communication have become even more important for businesses, as it increases consumer confidence and the visibility of your business too. While building trust and keeping in touch with customers is crucial for all business areas, it is more critical in an industry-critical situation such as COVID-19.

How are Industries Leveraging Toll-Free Number Services During Crisis?

Although the pandemic has brought many challenges, it can also be considered a period of opportunity. It all comes down to the right perspective and the right approach. Some companies have found their savior from toll-free numbers.

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As retail companies had to close down during the crisis, most switched to e-commerce. They continued to prioritize online shopping and delivery to bear the reduced load on physical stores. E-commerce companies rely heavily on toll-free numbers to meet their growing customer base and demand during the crisis. As they receive thousands of inquiries related to orders, accounts, payments, and offers, it becomes much easier to handle them, while ensuring caller satisfaction, with these numbers.

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Toll-free numbers have played an important role in keeping banking transactions in place during a pandemic. Customers who were initially apprehensive about digital transactions were heavily supported by the 24 × 7 customer service managers available. Banks offered special toll-free telephone lines so that callers could ask for information about their balance, transfer money, make payments, and get answers to their questions.


As virtual healthcare becomes a need of the hour, this is an area that relied on significantly toll-free numbers to provide services and assistance to patients (even those who called simply out of fear of the virus). The lines kept support staff available 24 × 7 while ensuring that people stayed at home unless they really needed face-to-face checks and hospital treatment. In addition to telemedicine, these numbers also played an important role in mental and emotional support in response to widespread isolation and quarantine.

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Needless to say, the government sector has benefited greatly from these providers in the COVID-19 era. They have invested in special hotlines for the public so that ordinary people can seek guidance to resolve their doubts and fears during difficult times.

Whether it is a helpline for COVID-19 patients or those looking for information on travel or competition exams, toll-free numbers have brought all the information to your fingertips.

On-demand Service

Another vertical that has grown in India through toll-free numbers are on-demand services such as taxi services, food delivery companies, home, and personal care services, drug delivery services, and more. The whole business model is based on a telephone system and toll-free numbers have been the backbone of operations during the crisis.


Toll-free numbers have been the basis for business continuity initiatives for industries that remain largely afloat in customer service. Although the companies in these verticals need these numbers even more in the new normality, others may also rely on them to increase their services and support. Even if you integrate the solution into your normal operations, you need to choose your provider wisely

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