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Generating leads and converting them into clients is a difficult task for a B2B sales team. Being an integral part of the business, the sales team is focused on building healthy relationships with customers. We often observe sales representatives busy on calls and they waste their precious time doing manual work. So what’s the solution to this problematic situation? The answer is simple “cloud telephony”.

Today, customer expectations are taking a new turn towards more personalized and fast-resolution approaches. That’s why your sales team requires a solution that can be tailored to customer needs. In fact, personalized services are expected from solution providers as stated by 76% of B2B buyers. With this, cloud telephony has come into the picture as a changer for modern businesses. Read this blog further to know how cloud telephony is helping B2B businesses grow sales leads and improve operational efficiencies.

Cloud Telephony: What is it and How can it be Used for Growing Sales Leads?

In simple terms, cloud telephony is Unified Communication as a Service solution, helping businesses to make seamless communication. Cloud telephony solutions are not only scalable but also accessible, customizable and affordable for small businesses. It can bring multiple channels like SMS, voice, video or social media into one place, facilitating an omnichannel experience for customers. 

Cloud telephony, also known as a unified communication system, includes services like a toll-free number, cloud phone system, voice broadcasting, IVR system and so on. These voice solutions have the ability to improve operational efficiencies. Without any doubt, it can streamline corporate communication in such a way that sales teams can track real-time communication, share knowledge and collaborate with the team. This can amplify great reach to prospects and understand customers’ experiences and cooperate with them in the best possible way.

You can Grow B2B Sales Leads through Cloud Telephony. But How?

Considering the competitive scenarios these days, cloud telephony is one of the promising ways to enhance the customer experience for staying relevant in the market.

IVR System

Interactive Voice Response or IVR offers an intuitive way to organize the volume of incoming calls. Multi-level IVR, skills-based routing and automatic call distribution are primary features in the IVR that can help you in organizing your calls. Generating leads has never been easy but with calling automation, you can save precious time for sales reps as they will only be dealing with priority clients.

Scalability and Flexibility of Cloud System 

Flexibility and scalability are the needs of B2B companies for adapting to changing customer needs. Cloud telephony can help you do that. The system is affordable and can be accessed from anywhere which benefits the sales team to talk to their prospects according to their comfort. With pay as you go option, you can access the service as per your need. You don’t have to buy the whole plan.

Enhanced Communication Means More Customer Satisfaction 

With self-service options, customers can easily reach their desired department. In fact, 68% of modern-day buyers prefer to interact with agents who understand their needs rather than throwing irrelevant promotions on them. This accounts for a business solution that incorporates an easy way for salespeople to respond to customers in a personalized manner. The purpose of this unified communication system is to make communication effortless and friendlier. 

Connect with Targeted Leads at Low Cost

Cloud telephony solutions such as voice broadcasting and bulk SMS service are prominently used services for lead generation. B2B companies can use dynamic calling automation systems for connecting with customers quickly. For instance, voice broadcasting campaigns can bring great results in terms of reaching your target customers. Further, you can ensure flawless communication irrespective of the location and size of your target audience.

Integrated Data and Call Recordings

Cloud-based call system records all the calls and tracks real-time data simultaneously. Further, easy integration with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools helps in pulling out customer data to make interactions personalized and relevant. Additionally, call recordings of the sales team can be reviewed by the supervisors in case of any doubts. This allows agents to tailor future conversations as per the suggestions and feedback that are given by supervisors.

24×7 Availability 

Virtual numbers are used for targeting specific markets by facilitating round-the-clock responses to customers. The virtual business number will give a professional touch to the image of the company and can help salespeople to connect with customers 24×7. It can be noted that people feel more comfortable answering local numbers and the sales team will generate more sales leads.

Sum it Up!

To sum up, cloud telephony services are regarded as beneficial tools for the sales department. It not only streamlines sales calls but also offers a wide range of opportunities for salespeople to ensure a customer journey. is a prominent cloud telephony service provider that ensures to take your business to new heights. You can have a better track of prospects through a unified system which is affordable and customizable, ensuring business continuity.

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