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There was a time when a buyer or a consumer used to contact the seller to purchase something. This moment is where a seller has to convert that potential buyer into a customer. But, as technology advanced, the gap between buyer and seller and the process of contact has widened up. Now between a consumer and seller, there are social media, ads, reviews, and other customers experience.

The Customer Journey:

This part only takes up to 60% of a buyer’s journey to purchase something. Due to which most of the journeys end in between this 60%. The right automation tool can help you connect with your customers during this 60% cycle. Automation will not leave you here. It will always be there through the whole cycle of purchase.

Pre-Sale Automation:

Capturing lead is one hell of an essential task for any marketer. You can get a customer through any medium like ads, social media, or walk-ins. So many sources mean so many leads, and this causes lead leakage. But there is a way to stop this leakage from happening, and that is by using automation solutions for businesses.

Sarv has lead generation software that is capable of capturing these lead leakage. With CRM like software, you can capture these leads and process them for the next cycle of conversion.

Reduce Response Time:

Is your sales team always 100% present? The answer is, rarely. This happens with most businesses. There is always someone who is not present to attend to the customer and this increases the response time. Now this will leads you to lose some leads.

What can you do? Auto-responders and chat-bots connect your sales team with your consumers right away. Not only that, these bots will help consumers arrange in-future meetings.

So when you reduce response time with automation, it makes your consumer happy.

No ‘One Fit For All’:

Every lead is different, and every lead has its own necessity. To know what your leads need, you need to read the website behavior of your leads. This study will help your marketing executive with a lead focused speech. This way instead of aiming in the dark, your executive will be aiming at the light of the study he made. Once you know what your customers need, it will not waste much of your time and your leads time.

Give it a Personal Touch:

Everyone loves personal attention, and in marketing, this personal attention can be very beneficial during the lead conversion. While you make your emails or SMS automated, you have options to make them personalized too. This way, grabbing the attention of your customers will be made easy.

Connect Your Content With Customers:

Make emails with data that is relevant to that customer and compare how your service is helping them. If they are using your SMS automation how well they are performing in comparison to their competitors. How much their SMS is converting customers and what are the areas their business is shining while using your services. This way if you relate your consumers with relevant data they will tend to stick along with your services.


Marketing automation is the best bet you can make for your business and to grow your business more you need to adapt the marketing automation. Sarv is also equipped with these kinds of automated and AI-powered marketing solutions. So before leaving, don’t forget to visit our service pages.

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