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Bulk SMS in Ensuring Business Continuity

While some may assume that SMS is dead, it is still very much alive in the digital marketing arena. Mobile connectivity is incomplete without a well-executed SMS strategy. It is still the easiest and most cost-effective tool for companies to communicate with customers in person.

There is no doubt that social media, publications, and the web are high-paying media, but wholesale SMS is an instant platform that requires very few barriers to delivering your message directly to your target audience.

Given that seven out of ten people own a smartphone, it is important that the technology is easy to use and not intimidating. If companies want to connect with a growing audience, they must continue to make marketing more mobile-friendly – wholesale SMS in one way!

SMS Marketing as An Important Part of Mobile Marketing

SMS marketing involves a small amount of information that is directed directly to your target audience. With the normal opening rate of 98% in 3 minutes, the information or message you send appears directly on your customer’s mobile screen. No other marketing tool offers such efficiency rates, making it the most sought after tool by marketers. As a smart digital marketer, you can’t ignore bulk SMS marketing.

However, if you want to know in detail about how SMS marketing is helping you reach sales goals, then you can also go through SMS Marketing Ideas To Increase Sales.

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How Does SMS Work?

SMS indicates a short message service – Short indicates the maximum number of characters allowed in a text message: 160 characters. But how do SMS actually reach mobile screens?

Obviously, our mobile phones receive and send information even when we are not using them to make calls. It is constantly connected to telephone towers via a path known as the control channel.

Your mobile phone and towers exchange data packets and also provide a way to send SMS messages.

As soon as you send a text message, it moves from the SMS center to the tower and finally to your customers’ mobile phone. Similarly, when you receive an SMS, it is sent first to the tower and then to the specified destination, which is your phone.

The actual data format of the message includes, for example, the length of the message, location, timestamp, destination phone number and format, and so on.

One of the most prominent advantages of bulk messaging is its availability and accessibility worldwide – with minimal effort! Especially in these uncertain times, when customers have no idea what their favorite brands are coming up with, SMS does the job.

This SMS shows that the brand is still open and running on their web platform and discounts are available. With 90% of people reading text messages within 3 seconds of receiving them, SMS increases customer engagement while ensuring business continuity while keeping everyone informed.

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Some Features Offered by Bulk SMS Solution:

  • Send Remainders
  • SMS Marketing
  • Keep Customers Updated
  • SMS Alert & Notification

Bulk SMS & Customer Relationship

Bulk messaging is an interesting feature of “opt-ins”. Enabling allows a specific brand to send promotional messages to customers.

Customers appreciate this opportunity because it’s an intrusive way to promote your brand. Invasive messages without your customer’s consent leave a bad impression on your organization. Opt-outs and opt-outs are great ways to avoid annoying text messages.

Another aspect of bulk messaging that strengthens your customer relationships is personalization. Your messages can be personalized to the recipient. They can even be personalized based on demographics. Achieving this level of personalization is a costly affair with any other marketing tool. However, wholesale SMS can do this cost-effectively.


Bulk SMS has been the perfect way to reach a niche audience interested in getting the latest updates for your business. This is a great marketing technique that holds customers back from more information and engagement.

So, if you are still confused about what to opt for the growth of your business, you definitely need to give a try on bulk SMS service. This way you can stay connected with your customers or clients in any of the situations and keep your business on track without any difficulties.

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