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Do you send important emails to your clients, customers, or audiences? Obviously, every business does, but did it generate the result you desired? We, as a business, used to send emails and messages to keep in engagement with our customers or clients. These emails are necessary when it comes to generating more leads, signups, or purchase of your product.

These transactional emails are sent based on a user’s behavior. These emails are also referred to as ‘Triggered Emails’. Most of these emails are already written while setting up campaigns. These emails range from:

  • Welcome Emails
  • Cart Abandonment
  • Support Contact
  • Purchase Bills
  • Product Delivery Status
  • Subscribe or Unsubscribe Emails

….. and a few more. 

Why Do We Use Transactional Emails:

In the previous section, we read about different types of transactional emails. But why are these paragraphs so important? Well, consider these points to understand the importance.

  • Compared to other emails, transactional emails have an 8x higher open rate.
  • It can generate 6x more results than other emails.
  • On average, it has a click rate of 4.8%.
  • Transactional emails are a 20% better converter of subscribers than other marketing strategies.

Many businesses do not consider them while making new strategies as per changes in the market. By keeping it out of the equation, you are suppressing your strategies’ capability.

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Renovating Your Transactional Emails:

Context of mail: Before writing an email, first try to understand the context of it. You must connect to a customer through the first line of your emails. Like, if a customer just subscribes to your newsletter then welcome and greet them with offers or your products. Write an email considering customers’ excitement if an email is about the delivery status.

In other words, you have to understand the state of the email recipient. Once you are able to do that, you have completed half of your renovation process.

To achieve that, you can do some research around the internet or on actual customers.

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Feedback is Important: Did any of your customers reply or send you feedback? Try to add some help and feedback options to your website and app. Some people really love to go out of their comfort zone to give feedback, and those are precious and necessary for a better marketing campaign.

Genuine feedback tells you how your planning is working and where it needs some improvement.

Misunderstanding: If you are writing content based on something then you must consider thinking from both ends. This way, you will know how your content might affect a recipient.

Always know that your mail should make your user feel easy. Writing confusing emails or content that can create misunderstandings will reduce the chances of getting desired results.

We use transactional emails to make sure that a customer is getting all the right information they want. Also, by delivering that, we try to retain or get a new customer.

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The Length: You can get so many different answers to this question. But, which one is right for you? See, things are simple, sometimes we are the one who makes them complicated. The length of a transactional is the same case.

You need to find the right answer by doing some research on your customers. Give it a little time before making a final decision. Do some experimentation with different lengths and themes.

Finding out which one is your fit is the key to success. So, apologies for not giving you the right details right away, but the hard work here is going to pay you off. As we know “We all are different”.

I hope this is enough insight one what type of transactional emails you should be writing, or how you can improve current ones. In case you need more help, Sarv Email automation is always here with an easy email editor. Want to try?

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