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Accessibility is not a concern in today’s live world. Consumers get what they want at their fingertips without waiting. Moreover, if they find themselves waiting in long queues, it will take seconds for them to move to another company. So the question here arises: how do you make yourself available 24×7?

The answer is simple, Toll-free Number communication suite!

Having a toll-free number that serves as a part of your customer service department can boost brand perceptions and build a national image. Firms who frequently change their work locations have observed a toll-free forwarding facility as a boon for staying in touch with their existing customers. 

Likewise, brands prioritize delightful customer experiences for leveraging reputation and customer loyalty.

Research says that your revenue doubles up within 36 months if you invest in customer experience initiatives.

In this blog, we will cover 10 potent ways your brand can enhance customer care by using a toll-free number as an instrumental tool.

#1 Cost-effective Customer Care

Imagine if people had to spend money in contacting your business, would they do it? No right. So, it is important to have an affordable medium to connect with prospects. Toll-free number services can do that for you. On the other hand, it is also easy and cheap to set up from a business perspective as well.

#2 Easy to Remember, Making it a Preferred Choice

Not only unique, but a toll-free number is easy to remember which makes it a preferred choice for customers. Usually, it starts from 1800, 800 or 888 which makes them stand out from others. Customers just have to pick up the phone and dial the number whenever they want to reach you.

#3 Simplified Customer Care

A toll-free number when integrated with IVR will act as a virtual receptionist. Based on the input provided by the customers, calls are automatically directed to the concerned departments. It simplifies the process for agents and helps in delivering quality customer care. 

#4 Strengthens Brand Image 

Good customer care service is always a hallmark of a reputable brand. If your company has a 24×7 helpline number then it not only offers convenience but also drives customer loyalty and trust. Whether your organization is long or short in size, you only need to switch to a unique business number which ensures that your brand is credible.

#5 Easy Portability

This means that a toll-free number solution can easily be relocated to your new location without disrupting your existing link. It is a one-time purchase, which means that a starting number from 1800 can be used for your business in any country at any time. Likewise, customers only have to call on the same number in case of facing any kind of issues with product or service delivery.

#6 Personalized Customer Experience

Customer support’s efficiency is reflected in the quality of service facilitated by them. Customer experience is enhanced when customers get the flexibility and convenience to call. Customized and personalized greetings at the beginning of the call create an engaging experience for the customers. 

#7 Automated Service Empowers Support Team

The toll-free number solution provides an automated customer service that empowers support teams to take the right decisions at the right time. Besides, features also help in managing and monitoring employee productivity. Your support team can streamline easy-to-do tasks and ultimately you can improve customer service.

#8 Great Marketing Tool

In many cases, toll-free numbers are used as an effective tool for advertising and promoting your products. Having a toll-free number for your brand increases the chances of your brand to become a convenient tool for increasing awareness or even running campaigns. 

#9 Works Well with Cloud Call Center Platform

As cloud-powered solutions, toll-free numbers work well with your call center platform as it has all the features to fully equip the work remotely. It has call monitoring and calls queuing capabilities that make measuring employee performance easy. Plus with cloud advantage, they provide robust infrastructure with no hardware installation which makes the scalability of business smooth.

#10 Support Business Growth

As it has already been clear that toll-free numbers are a free medium for customer assistance, it creates the notion for businesses to reflect as a highly trustable organization. In other words, free calling will support your business as you have made a smooth door for customers which they admire. You show them that you are a fair and professional brand since you don’t charge for helping customers.

To Wrap Up!

In support of the above points discussed, I would say that the Toll-Free Number service is one the best communication suite that you can opt for your business. Winning a customer’s trust is never easy. But business numbers depict a professional image in front of customers that you care for your customers with 24×7 availability without any charge. You can redefine your customer experience and at the same time help your customer support team to create a strong bond with customers whenever they call.

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