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When the Internet was new to consumers, everyone loved email. One of the best parts of logging onto AOL was the knowledge that after minutes of agonizing squeals, you’d be treated to that wonderful phrase, “You’ve Got Mail!” – Peter Roesler

Email is 40 years old technology, After so many years is it still effective? or is it something old people use?

The answer is, “email is still a stylish tactic for marketers and businesses.” 73% of marketers agree that email marketing is core to their business.

Email marketing is the most powerful, attractive & cost effective, user friendly channel to promote any product or service online. It is a direct & simple way to communicate with your customers or users. This is one of the oldest & popular online marketing tool available.

Email is expected to grow to $12 billion by 2016 and email traffic is estimated to grow to over 192 billion emails sent per day by 2016.

Examples of email marketing include newsletters, special offer messages, and instructional or automated emails.

Why Should You Use Email Marketing?


Any service or tool when adopted, it is associated with profit and easy management. So, here are some reasons to use email marketing to promote products, services, events & more.

  1. Inexpensive

Cost is one factor for which every organization is always concerned about, in one way or the other. So, why to leave mailing tool. It’s an affordable, easy & effective marketing way to reach millions of people.

Email is nearly 40 times better than Facebook and Twitter at acquiring customers.

It is better choice for small business owners than other expensive traditional marketing channels like TV ads, Radio ads, Banner ads, Telemarketing & other channels.

To target people around the globe it is a good option other than tele-calling. Also, manpower lesser as compared to other tools.

  1. Engagement

Stay connected with customers & keep them informed. It helps to build close relationship between your business & customers. Personalize your email campaign and target double opt-in database.

Personalized emails improve click-through rates by 14%, and conversion rates by 10%.

Regularly delivered email messages improve brand & product awareness.

Keep yourself engaged with your customers at regular intervals by providing them informative content. You know who opened your emails and hence you may be engaged with only those who are really interested instead of contacting the complete contact list.

  1. Measurable

Another important reason, email is a measurable marketing tool, you can easily track Open Rate, Click Through Rate, Unsubscribes, Conversion Rate, Campaign Success, Sales & Growth.

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This measurement will help improve your future campaign strategies. There are many factors to test success of email: different subject lines, call to action buttons, dynamic content, varying email scheduling time intervals etc.

  1. Return-on-Investment

59% of B2B marketers say email is the most effective channel for generating revenue.

ROI is a metric which shows how much the return on your marketing investments are. In business worlds, the one thing that matters is, “result”. Email marketing is a channel which offer higher ROI than other marketing platforms.

“For every $1 spent, $44.25 is the average return on email marketing investment. This amazing ROI is the main reason that encourage investing in email marketing.”

  1. Mobile Reach

91% of consumers check email on their mobile phones (at least once a day).

We live in mobile era, almost every person use mobile devices & email marketing is mobile friendly accessed through smartphones. Most of business owners access their emails from mobile devices.

64% of decision makers read their email via mobile devices.

So, you can also use email marketing as mobile marketing. This will enhance the approach and open ratio as accessing emails is made easily anywhere, anytime.

Get your team ready to create the mobile app in order to make your control panel open easily on smartphones.

  1. Integration

The beauty of email marketing is that this may integrate with other marketing tactics like social media (Friend of email). If you are not integrating your mailer, with social media, you are wasting opportunities.

Emails with social sharing buttons increase click through rates by 158%.

Email must contain social media channels like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. It will improve click through rate (CTR). Social media can help you spread your message among global audience.


Hope now you’ve understood why email marketing is so important for a business. If you want to share your thoughts, please let us know what they are by leaving a comment below.

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