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Content management system (CMS) is installed on the server which allows maintaining & managing pages, blogs & articles online. You can easily write or modify content on your website & instantly updated. CMS provides separation between articles & web design, so you can focus on content & not to worry about copying the web design from page to page. CMS became very popular in last few years, so you should choose right CMS platform for your website. Read More


Are you looking for ways to improve your online marketing strategy? Would you like to use some tools to improve your business?

Then, Google should be your first choice. People know & use Google as a leading search engine (#1 search engine) but fact is, Google is more than a search engine. Google provides a complete range of tools and platforms which can help marketers to grow business’ online presence. Read More

Do you want to build strong relationships around your brand?” “Do you want to get more potential customers?” “Are you using apps to boost social media marketing?”

With social media apps, marketers can stay up-to-date on social activities without the hassle.

Here you’ll discover some social media apps to boost social media marketing & increase productivity. Read More


What is GPS?

GPS stands for Global Positioning System, which is satellite based navigation system. GPS can track any object on or near the earth & provides exact location & time information. It was developed for U.S. military use in 1973 but now everyone use this navigation system. Read More


Nowadays, most of digital marketers prefer to do their marketing work directly from a smartphones. All the marketers have favorite apps which make their job easy & make them better at their jobs. From uploading blog posts to tracking campaign metrics, apps allow marketers to access information at their fingertips quickly and conveniently.

Here I want to share with you the top 10 must have apps for marketers that make marketers more successful!! Read More

voip technology

What is VoIP

VoIP is an acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol, it is also referred to Internet Telephony or IP Telephony. This technology allows phone calls to be made over Internet. This is a free or cheaper way of phone calls. VoIP converts analog voice signals to digital data that can be transmitted over the Internet.

VoIP calls can be made on Internet using VoIP service. VoIP has many advantages over the traditional phone services. People use it for free or at lower cost. If you have a computer system, mobile device with quality Internet connection, you can communicate for free using VoIP. You can make calls at home, at work or at any place by using VoIP software. Read More

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