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Best Use of SMS to Improve Customer Service

Building and maintaining positive relationships between companies and their customers is what every organization needs. As a business owner, should you be happy with the customer service offered by your business? But before understanding that, what is required is understanding the correct definition of good customer service? Because the system used to ensure a positive customer experience can constantly be improved and evolves with technology development, it seems that the search for the best possible customer service may never be complete.

Don’t know how to improve customer service? We’ve shared some valuable customer service ideas, for starters, including ways to improve customer service with text messages.

Different Ways to Adapt for Better Customer Service Using SMS

Looking for customer service ideas, but not sure how to make a change in your business? Here is a short list of ways to improve customer service to trigger text messaging integration into your company’s customer service model.

Reach Out to Larger Audiences:

From health systems to department stores to restaurants, text messaging can be a valuable platform for communicating with your company’s audience. Accessibility is the key to a positive customer service experience. Text messaging can be the best way to maximize your company’s customer service resources, as you’re likely to reach people with more important messages via text message or email.

Offer Exclusive Coupons:

It’s no secret that customers are happy to receive special treatment. When creating a text list, you can offer exclusive offers to your contacts. Customer service involves contacting loyal customers to recognize and reward their continued loyalty. By compiling a list of phone numbers that have communicated with your business via text message, you have a unique opportunity to offer special benefits and VIP services to this list. Keep customers happy by using text messages to reward their participation in your text list.

Make sure you offer consumers valuable discounts through text. If you interact too much with the information they don’t find helpful, they may opt-out of your text list – not to mention associating your business with spam. Think about the offers you send to your contacts and whether they are really worth your time.

Maximize Your People’s Customer Service Representatives with Automated Text:

Text-based customer service solutions can answer common questions that people’s customer service representatives would otherwise have to spend time resolving. It is a good idea to keep people’s customer service representatives available to discuss nuanced issues and deal with heightened emotional situations. However, agents often spend their time answering general questions that can be answered with automated text.

Our company’s text messaging features allow users to schedule, trigger, and instill text messages to provide customers with customer service over time or as desired. With this service, you can automate the prompting of questions, among other valuable features.

Proactively Inform Your Audience:

One way to improve customer service is to answer questions before your customers have them. The way to do this is to keep a steady and informative flow of updates and relevant information for your audience. Globally, 5.5 billion people send and receive SMS messages. Because SMS messaging is such a widely used form of communication, it is also a casual way to retain your audience.

Two-thirds of respondents report ignoring emails at work. Because an email address is often overlooked, text updates can be a great way to reach people on your contact list. By actively updating consumers with relevant news, you can avoid unnecessary communication with customer service – thus saving your representatives for the interactions that need their attention the most.

Request Feedback Via Text:

A powerful way to evaluate your company’s customer service effectiveness is to ask how you are doing simply! This is easy to do with text by sending a short survey. Although you want to do it sparingly, no one has better customer service feedback than past and present customers themselves. Consider contacting the contacts once a year with a simple survey to measure their experience. If you can offer a simple thumbs-up or thumbs-up for maximum response, this outreach activity can give you a general consensus on your course.

Not to mention, reliable data on how to respond to your customer service efforts can be used as a tool for years to come. You have a new metric that can measure customer service development as you make changes to meet your audience’s needs better.

Final Note

Through a changing economy, industry standards, technological advances, and consumer demographic change, customer service is a vital thread that keeps your business afloat. If you decide to improve customer service with text messages, always make sure that the changes serve your business and improve your ability to communicate with consumers.

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