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A strong business communication system is the base for increasing the success and growth of any business. Businesses, whether small or big, are looking for incredible telephony techniques to improve customer satisfaction rates. They are moving towards a unified system that empowers their business to improve customer interactions significantly. Owing to a number of problems faced by the business, call forwarding strategy is making the management of volume of inbound calls possible.

A call forwarding feature, as part of a cloud telephony solution, is a sound communication approach to reduce wait time and improve the business efficiency of customer service departments. This blog will explain how this intelligent feature can get you an edge over competitors by elaborating on the top benefits. But first, let’s understand what a call forwarding feature is.

What is Call Forwarding?

Call forwarding is a cloud telephony system feature that allows customer calls to be redirected to another line at the same time when they have arrived. This redirection process is followed by a voicemail message to transfer calls in a variety of situations.

This popular feature is integrated into cloud-powered phone systems to reduce delays and the ability to facilitate quick and reliable solutions for every customer. You can enable this feature on your smartphone and forward calls whenever and wherever you want. This ensures round-the-clock availability that improves customer satisfaction by meeting their expectations.

Why Use Call Forwarding Feature in Business Phone Systems?

The call transfer/ forwarding tool is effectively used to lower call abandonment rates and wait times, occurring due to longer holds. It can immediately transfer calls to the right agent so that neither agents nor customers have to spend time doing irrelevant interactions. The purpose is to make sure that there is a coherent and organized call flow within different departments associated with the organization. Let’s know some benefits of this lucrative feature and how it helps in improving call center operations.

  • Multiple Extensions 

One of the promising perks of cloud-based communication is that you can keep multiple number extensions on the same number. Here, the role of call forwarding feature becomes notable because it helps in connecting with the right agent. For instance, a call from a particular region is transferred to the agent who possesses proficiency in the local language of that region.

  • All the Time Availability of Staff

By incorporating a call forwarding feature, your business can make sure that your staff is available round the clock to serve customers better. Calls can be redirected to the employee’s mobile phones so that issues are handled in real time with ease. Also, when calls are distributed evenly to all agents then they can give speedy resolutions to the issue and it will also improve customer interactions to a greater extent. 

  • Customer Service Focused

When you use the call forwarding feature in your call center solution, you do not have to worry about missing a call from your clients. You can forward calls sequentially or simultaneously after ringing two or three times. The purpose of this transfer is to make customer interaction highly intuitive, leaving no room for service interruptions.

  • Expands Company’s Presence 

Having a call center setup for customers shows that you care for your customers and you are always there for them. A feature like call forwarding depicts that you are ready to go an extra mile to serve customers just as they deserve. You can create credibility and a professional business presence while doing so.

  • Mobility 

When employees get the convenience to receive calls at any time of the day, they don’t have restrictions regarding location. You don’t have to choose between good customer service and mobility. Your employees can go on trips and attend calls remotely from any location, providing a dynamic work-life balance to them.

  • No Missed Calls

One missed call is equal to a missed opportunity that no business wants to bear. Call forwarding technology has come into the way to make sure you do not miss any important calls from your potential prospects. You can direct them to available agents as per the flexibility and comfort.

  • Better Customer-Agent Interactions

Voice call is the most preferred medium of communication for customers and businesses to determine their needs as callers. Call forwarding tools enable agents to interact with customers by sharing relevant information. Employees can make calls over the cloud where they have instant access to real-time data which will make customer experiences good, ensuring speedy resolution of the issue. 


Keeping in mind the high call load in contact centers, a call forwarding feature is what business needs to ensure business continuity. It can provide you with an opportunity to connect with each customer that knocks on your door. Moreover, it is important for businesses to value customer time and reduce wait time by transferring calls to the most suitable agent who can assist better. 

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