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How Should a Business Use SMS Services

In the current world, multi-channel marketing is what drives leads for a business. Judging by the speed of the market, businesses are trying to reach their customers on the go. To do so, SMS service is the ultimate weapon for a marketing team. We know that SMS is a very old technique to engage with customers, but it is the effective one. It is hard to believe that not so many companies are investing in SMS marketing.

This is usually because of a misunderstanding that many organizations have. They think that SMS needs heavy integration, and it comes with zero customization, no analytic reports, and controlled campaigns. Well, it is not true. The right service provider will always provide you with the best SMS service, just like what Sarv delivers. In reality, integrating SMS service into your business is easy as pie.

Reasons why you should consider SMS marketing for your Business Grow

So in this blog section, we are going to tell you about how your business should use SMS service. Once you understand all those points, you will get to know how your business can grow once you adopt the SMS service for your business.

Direct and Instant:

Let me tell you a fact, SMS has an open rate of 97% within 15 minutes of the delivery. What does that mean to you? This means, whenever you want your customers to read something critical, you can rely on SMS services. SMS can also perform better if you combine it with other channels like email and social media.

Promotion and Sales:

Timing is everything in marketing, and SMS is one punctual channel you can get out of any other marketing channel. When a customer is about to make a purchase or inclining to do so, SMS can convert them from a prospect to a customer. This is the reason SMS is a vital member of your multi-channel marketing strategy. It is easy to control SMS in a timely manner to make it more effective than other media channels.

Integrates Well:

As we said earlier, SMS can promise you great results when it is integrated with other marketing channels. However, it is also a great standalone medium to promote your product or service. You can use SMS as a reminder for users to keep checking your emails and social post to stay updated frequently. SMS working along with email can increase the open rate of emails by 20%-30%.

Engagement is Going Up:

It is a way to enhance your way to engage with your customers throughout their life cycle. Customer value notifications, with the information, they find relatable. SMSs developing a relationship with customers can make them loyal to your brand. Customizing these text messages can also result in great deals. As SMS is instant, brands can use it to engage customers with discounts, vouchers, and promotional offers.

Tips and Advice:

Customer information is essential when it comes to sending relevant messages to your audiences. SMS is easy to target a segment of audiences which makes it best for reaching out to specific customers with specific and relevant tips and advice. Many organizations are sharing tips and advice with their customers to make them feel important. This type of communication will create a reliable customer base.

Call To Action Like Email:

What you want from your customer after sending them text messages? You want them to engage with your text messages. So to increase that, try to use the Call-to-Action button in your text messages too. Here are some examples you can use:

  • “Show this text to avail offer.
  • Click Here:
  • Text-to-Win
  • Text-to-Vote
  • Buy Now

Depending on the targeted audience and purpose of the campaign, switch between these examples. Using these, the engagement rate of your text messages will increase.

Adapt, Overcome, Improvise:

Tracking, Monitoring, and improvising are part of marketing. The right SMS panel will help you monitor every single SMS you send. There is been a misunderstanding that SMS are untrackable. With providers like Sarv, it is easier to track and monitor every campaign you make. Study their result and improvise the next campaign or strategies accordingly.

Wrapping Up:

So these are the ways you can use SMS for your business. Many misconceptions and rumors are in the market about SMS marketing, but you shouldn’t trust the rumors. For better results and returns, you have to trust brands like Sarv who are eager to deliver you the best customer experience and results. In case you still have doubts, as small as a rice grain, you can contact our team anytime. We are always here for you.

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