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Cloud technology has gained popularity in the business environment and is growing by leaps and bounds. For many businesses, voice communication is an important part of communicating with customers and vendors. Voice communication has more potential than other communication and can enter into or break a deal. When it comes to CRM, voice plays a vital role and shows its impact on the customer experience more than anything else. This is where cloud telephony comes in. Over time, the use of cloud telephony in the field of SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) will increase significantly.

According to the Gartner report, the cloud services sector has increased to $ 383 billion in 2020. If you still use the old and traditional PBX (Private Branch Exchange) system, it means that you are lagging behind your competitors. The development of new technology has made communication easy and efficient. You can easily migrate to cloud-based services without the need for additional infrastructure or technical knowledge.

Increasing efficiency and increasing sales is a top priority for any business. To achieve this, cloud technology offers many opportunities through easy scalability, higher productivity, and faster growth. Many business owners have already switched to cloud services to achieve larger goals.

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Through this blog post, I’ll explore six key benefits of using cloud telephony that can help your business in 2020.

Reduced Cost:

Cloud telephony services help businesses reduce costs by eliminating the need for installation and maintenance. Yes, there is no installation or any type of maintenance required in this service. They can manage their communication within their budget without compromising quality. As a result, SMEs can communicate effectively with their customers and run successful marketing campaigns. Through fast installation, low maintenance, minimal setup costs, and technology development, the cloud service helps businesses achieve a high return on investment. Cloud technology does not require large investments in advance.

Improved Productivity:

Cloud telephony services offer a service that responds to virtual calls. With this feature, you don’t miss any calls from any customers. According to analytics, telephone communication’s response rate is 8.21%, while the e-mail rate is 0.03%. The cloud helps you connect your customers conveniently from anywhere, anytime. It makes you available to customers whenever they need them, thereby building customer trust and increasing business productivity.

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Boost Your Product:

Through this automated communication, your customers can connect directly to different departments if they wish. This will help you recognize a professional organization that is fully equipped and well organized as an MNC. In addition, local area codes can give customers the impression that your business also has a local presence. That’s why you can communicate with your customers worldwide, whether or not all of your operations take place in precisely one workplace.

As a result, you can magnify your company’s brand with efficient call management support and quality service. This way, you can increase customer confidence in your organization and benefit from the positive word exchange offered to potential customers.

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Flexible Scalability:

Each SME has budgetary constraints on expanding its activities. However, once you move to a cloud solution, you don’t have to invest in infrastructure, or and it will help your business develop easily, as market needs show. The only thing needed is the route of the incoming customer call to the added business extensions.

You have access to handle all customer calls from any device and location. Thus, your communication is managed through one channel without any restrictions. Therefore, the cloud service offers flexibility for your company to cope with communication in a large customer database.

Better Integration:

Cloud telephony services support CRM’s integration with Google spreadsheets, Salesforce, Agile, and other applications. So you have different platforms to reach your customers. It also means that your team members should be aware of the integration tools; otherwise, they may need training. As a result, each employee’s customers can be quickly contacted from any device and ensures that each customer’s needs are adjusted regardless of the employee’s location.

This cloud support, telecommuting capability helps organizations provide the best service to customers whenever they need it. In turn, this increases the chances of repeat purchases from an existing customer and positive feedback from potential customers.

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Call Data Analytics:

The cloud telephony system generates detailed information about each call and message, for example – call volume, missed calls, average call time, call price, etc. Such data helps SMEs monitor the performance of each customer and employees without the need for additional resources.

As a result, the organization can identify areas for improvement and know exactly what goals to set for the next day. It also helps employees provide clear feedback and training to improve their performance, making communication as effective as possible.


It isn’t easy to find the right expertise and support for business and the market to thrive. However, cloud telephony service is a viable solution to all your problems and creates little room for improvement.

According to Microsoft, cloud services have helped SMEs reduce their IT workload by 42%. Cloud communication allows you to expand your business according to market needs, allowing you to work remotely. If you run a business, the cloud service is the right choice. It can provide you with all the best business communication tools to bring you closer to your customers and improve your company’s presence. So if you want the best service all around, Sarv can be the best choice as it has all these necessary tools for your business.

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