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Frustrated and unhappy customers can be a challenging thing to be handled by business managers. Additionally, the high volume of calls creates a stressful environment for customer service agents. All these problems create customer service inefficiencies for the organization, draining the revenue-earning potential of the business. Businesses have found cloud call center technology to be a valuable tool to solve such problems and get rid of customer service inefficiencies. This happens to be the critical component of customer service infrastructure and helps in delivering timely and customized care. 

Six Customer Service Failures to Avoid

Call centers face numerous challenges when it comes to delivering service. Here are 6 customer service failures that you need to avoid in your contact center.

  • Long Queues

Long wait times are often the major source of increased frustration among customers. This is due to the fact that customer service is inefficient in communicating with the right customers. This requires multiple ways to route calls to on-demand service agents who can deliver service as per their unique set of skills.

  • Lack of Self Service

Customers usually reach your business to receive answers to common problems they face while using your service. A lack of self-service options can lead to unnecessary wait times or even extra work for agents. For simplifying this workflow, a cloud call center can be the right solution so that customers can help themselves and agents only have to deal with the situations that customers do not find on the self-service panels.

  • Being Bounced Around 

An unresolved query is attempted to bounce around multiple times. This situation creates customer service inefficiency. Imagine if the customer is connected to the right agent at once. Customers will get relevant information in less time and you will receive minimum customer complaints. 

  • No End Solution to the Problem

Customers call the customer service department again and again when they don’t get answers to their problems. Failure to resolve their queries can lead to dissatisfaction and a poor impression on them, doubting the professionalism of the company. A cloud call center can end customers’ problems with a smart and digital solution.

  • Software Slowdown

Slow or interrupted software is a major hindrance in delivering service excellence. Siloed systems can create a lot of difficulties for agents as they have to struggle in switching between different applications. Cloud call center comes with a unified communication system that brings all the information together in one place, with which you can ensure faster results.

  • Low Agent Rapport

A professional and understanding agent wins the customer’s heart. Personality, humanity, and knowledge play a great role in an interaction. This can be possible when your agents have the necessary tools to achieve professionalism in order to create rapport in the minds of customers. Access to an integrated system creates a unified view of details which helps in doing interactions highly relevant.

4 Ways to Cloud Call Center to Avoid Customer Service Inefficiencies

Customer service leaders see cloud call centers as the primary tool for eradicating inefficiencies brought up by customer service failures. While purchasing such software, you might have faced different questions such as:

Is buying cloud software actually worth it?

What is the right technology for business?

What will you do when you have successfully purchased the cloud software?

Here are 4 ways you can use a cloud call center for removing hindrances in good customer service:

  • Using Customer Data

Personalization is key to good customer service. When agents have relevant customer data in hand, they can handle their queries more efficiently. Cloud call centers can act as a super system as you can track and manage customer data to personalize your omnichannel strategy.

  • Performance Dashboards for Measuring Performance

It is important that agents feel connected to their work for that, they need excellence in whatever they do. Call centers are equipped with performance dashboards so that you can set performance goals that make tracking simpler and more efficient. You can set performance metrics on the wallboards and compare performance according to that.

  • Integration of Communication Channels

Companies look for a diverse array of channels to communicate with customers. The cloud call center is a kind of omnichannel software which integrates web chats, emails, voice chats, and social media in a single place. You can simplify complex customer interactions by making workflow seamless.

  • Using Intelligent Call Routing

AI-powered IVR has become the new normal when it comes to managing customer inquiries. Incoming calls are routed or directed to the correct destination to optimize the flow of the volume of calls received. This improves customer experience and speeds up the operational procedure.


Facilitating omnichannel customer support is vital for enhancing the revenue-generating potential of the business. The cloud call center is the right pathway for eliminating inefficiencies of poor customer service. By bringing legacy features like IVR, call distribution, routing, call recordings, and state of art reporting, you can uplift your customer interactions greatly. 

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