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Sarv-Transactional Emails

If you are into selling services, products, or goods, you know how important transactional emails are. These are an integral part of your email campaign. If you are handling emails or have done it before, you know that these emails perform better than promotional emails. If you didn’t, now you know.

If we talk numbers, CTR (Click-Through-Rate) of transactional emails is 3 times higher than non-transactional emails.

But what is the reason for this much difference? The answer is simple, relevancy. Transactional emails are the ones triggered by customers. That’s why transactional emails are super relevant to a customer. These transactional emails can be subscription emails, order-related emails, payment-related emails, etc.

In this blog, we will tell you about how you can improve and optimize your transactional email game. So let’s get started.

General Practices:

These practices are a lot ordinary, and that is the reason executives forget these practices.

Recognizable ‘From’:

Sending an email is easy to a customer, but highlighting it is difficult. Your ‘From’ name is one of the very important elements to highlight your emails. Sending your transactional emails from a recognizable ‘From’ name will help your emails stay out of the spam folder.

Clear Subject:

For a better open rate of your emails, you need a better subject line. It also helps your email get highlighted to a user. The subject line must explain to the user what that email is about or attract a user into opening it. This is because people only take a glance at the subject line to decide whether to open it or not.

The Information:

Users trigger these emails for the information they need. This information is regarding the action they have taken on your website or the app. Things like purchase information, transactions, or other related information are sent over email.

Utilize the Pre Header:

Preview text appears just next to the subject line of the email, and this is as important as a subject line. As a marketer, you need to understand why you need to utilize that pre-header. An unutilized preheader is a waste of space.

Dedicated Domain:

Always make sure that your transactional emails have their own domain and email address. Do not send them with the same domain as your email campaign. The reason to do so is to protect transactional emails from the performance of your email campaign.

Advanced Practices:

These are some practices that can boost your transactional emails to a higher level. Let’s have a look at them.


Personalization is the ultimate technique to engage with your old or new customers. It is mostly used for the emails sent in an email campaign. These emails are used to create leads or potential customers. What marketers forgot is that transactional emails also need personalization. Use words like “you” and “your” in your content. This will make them think that these emails are specifically written for them.

Email Design:

Reflecting your brand’s identity in everything related to it is very important. This rule applies to transactional emails too. While you run an email campaign for products or services, you design them well, matching your brand, then why not transactional emails? Give your transactional emails a look that reflects your brand.

Unified business solution providers like Sarv provide a drag-and-drop email creator. With this, you can construct and design an email design template representing your brand.

The Value:

The purpose of every email is to add value to its customers. Marketers follow this rule while sending emails through campaigns, but it is forgotten when sending transactional emails. Every email, including transactional emails, needs to add value to its recipient.

The CTA (Call to Action):

Including CTA is beneficial for your email campaign. If it is not present in your email, sending them is a waste of your time and money. A clear CTA encourages users to take action. Always test your CTA before deploying your campaigns. A little change can create a big difference in the result.

Final Words:

Transactional emails are an important part of your email marketing strategies. These are not just some regular messages that need to be sent on every action taken by users. These emails represent you, your business, your values, and how you think of your customers. Any mistake you make here will affect the campaign. Test them with your team, with software, or other manual methods, to make them more effective and optimized.

If you want to rely on someone for this, Sarv is always here to help you out.

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