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Volume increases the pressure of managing things at a time. There are times in the call center, when it is difficult to know available agents vs how many are away on a break, attending meetings/training? The difference between the two is Call Center Shrinkage. How many call centers take this factor into account whenever there is a headcount? Shrinkage here plays a vital role in scrutinizing how many representatives you’d need to interact with customers.

Understanding shrinkage percentage as a call center key performance indicator (KPI) can not only improve customer interactions, but also help to handle average handle time, service level, and bottom line of business. Read More


Do you wish to increase your company’s production and revenue and looking for solutions? If you answered yes, this article is the ideal place to learn how to get there!

As we get more connected with the passage of time, we cannot overlook the fact that calling a business to inquire about products is still the preferred method of communication for clients. Businesses became fully aware of this and began to organize their product and service marketing and advertisements accordingly.

It’s also essential to ensure that a firm is readily available and that contacting them does not require too much work on the part of the customer. As a result, it is a wise decision for a company to seek out a solution that is both simple and powerful. Read More


It is no shock that your customers want to resolve their concerns for the first time. However, you may be surprised that Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) helps you do this. You probably already have access to this popular call center feature to make it work. If you have a corporate phone system, it can distribute calls intelligently.

Customers don’t want to wait too long or call more than they need to. Not your call center representatives, and especially not your customers.

To do this, configure your ACD software to route calls according to your business and customer needs. Then, when combined with other phone system features, it enhances the customer experience at no extra charge.

Read More


Customer experience isn’t an expense. Managing customer experience only bolsters your brand. Stan Phelps

Improving customer experience is a significant and essential part of every business. Especially businesses that are directly serving the customers and solving their problems. For any solution, human interaction is necessary, and nowadays, human interaction is digitized with the advancement of technology.

If you are into the contact centers business, you must have come across various technological features to enhance customer experience.

One of the latest advanced features to be elaborated here is Text-to-Speech (TTS).

Read More

Blog-Virtual Number Everything


If you dream of setting up a global business, you must know that establishing international communication is the first milestone towards your vision. You can’t build a robust worldwide market with a local number.

If you are searching for a solution for this problem, all you need is to have a virtual number or a cloud number that helps bridge the gap between you and your customers worldwide. According to the latest statistics, the cloud tools and their market grew incredibly in 2020 during the pandemic.  Read More


Is SMS Marketing Dead? Well, research says not yet!

Today, more people use more smartphones than fax and landline phones. Today, people live in a fast-paced world where they like to get things faster. For example, fast food delivery, fast ticket booking, faster customer service, etc. This made companies look for SMS marketing at regular prices. Because text messaging is fast, it has no geographical boundaries and supports instant messaging and can improve your customer experience.

SMS is fast, reliable, easy and cost effective. Simply, SMS works with any phone anywhere in the world. With SMS marketing, companies can communicate with their customers instantly. In fact, 98% of people open their messages just to check what’s inside. Read More

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