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FYI, PFA, NRN; did you ever use these acronyms? Or you’re confused!!

Millions of people emailing regularly and acronyms have always been an integral part of messaging.

Here are some email acronym which everyone should know, so you don’t feel dumb. Read More


Email marketing is used as a great communication channel to reach prospective customers. Businesses can not only find new customers but also retain existing customers through email marketing. A series of emails help customers to be updated with the company’s news, services or products. Lets focus on how to do ethical email marketing. Read More


As a marketer or business owner, we always looking for an effective digital marketing channel to connect & engage with valuable customers. Email marketing is one of the most engaging tools, but did you try mobile marketing. If no, then you need to start a mobile or SMS marketing for your business. Use the power of mobile marketing for business success.

In our previous articles, we’ve discussed- Email marketing and Mobile or SMS marketing. Here’s a short comparison overview of both marketing channels. Read More

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