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How can Cloud-Based Conference Call Services Help Your Sales Team

As most companies are still working remotely (due to the COVID-19 pandemic), the communication gap has widened. But the good thing is that you can fill the gap and improve the performance of your sales teams with cloud-based conference call services.

Cloud conferencing services allow you to communicate with your entire sales team, no matter where they are. During conference calls, you can discuss, brainstorm, and solve common sales problems to increase conferences.

Is that all? Hey! Cloud conferencing services have even more benefits for sales teams.

It is worth mentioning that you can use both audio and video conferencing services to improve the productivity of your sales team and get better results.

Keeps Everyone Aligned

If all of your salespeople meet your goals and objectives, they are more likely to accomplish them. It also ensures that they know the boundaries of your business and understands the shortcomings of your business.

Cloud conferencing allows you to communicate with your team at the same time and ensure that they understand what is expected of them. They can even ask anything and clear all their doubts on the spot.

Conference calls with customers will help ensure that they (all decision-makers) understand what your product is capable of. It also clears any expectations and assumptions they may have about you, allowing you to better deliver on your promise.

Improves Connectivity

Selling a product or service can be difficult if you are unable to meet the prospect in person. This makes it difficult to understand what the other person is expecting or how well he or she is getting information.

However, with cloud-based video conferencing, you can better assess the interest of potential customers and how well they get information. This allows you to adjust your presentation accordingly.

The video also helps to put a name behind the name and build better customer relationships. As long as you can effectively grab a potential customer and get your attention, you can easily build trust with your customers.

Saves Time and Money

Cloud conferencing allows regular business meetings without traveling. This saves both time and money and can have a positive impact on your sales team.

Here are three more ways to save time and money on conference calls.

More meetings in less time: Cloud conferencing allows you to schedule meetings more often. They do not need to travel to the client or the office (for internal meetings). And more meetings mean more opportunities to convert the customer.

Better flexibility: The prospects who make the decisions in your company are often time-bound. Conference calls allow your team to hold meetings at a time convenient to both of them (even if it means after dinner).

Sales Center Expansion: In physical sales, your employees are limited to a specific geographic location. Or you should spend hefty sums to travel for them. However, with conference calls, you can reach prospects around the world, expanding your business and reducing competition.

Provides Unlimited Access

Being in a meeting is the last thing you want to ban a participant because you have reached your limits. Cloud conferencing allows you to add up to 100 participants without any talk time restrictions.

This means you can easily hold interdepartmental (sales, customer support, and marketing) meetings. This in turn ensures that all your employees are up to date with the latest customer trends and product changes.

Recording facilities for employees who are unable to attend the meeting

Not every employee can attend the meeting for various reasons during this pandemic. And this is understandable!

However, you do not want these employees to be left behind by changes in your products, customer trends, or tactical changes in your sales processes. It can help you record a call.

A cloud-based conference call allows you to record the entire conversation. You can then share it with employees who were not present at the meeting. Recording a call also allows you to go back to meetings and use it as a reference when creating new strategies.

Another advantage of recording a call is that it provides a historical record that can be used for future meetings or to review decisions.

Powerful Demonstrations and Presentations

The more effective your demonstration, the more likely you are to close the deal.

If a potential customer does not easily see or understand the product, it is difficult to convince them. However, you can use live video conferencing to introduce your product live.


Cloud conferencing services allow you to connect with multiple people. You can use it to better train remote agents, connect employees from different departments, and create communication within and outside the organization.

If you haven’t started using cloud conferencing services yet, now is the time. Sarv offers virtual business telephone systems with conference capabilities.

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