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Sarv Omni-channel Marketing Solution

When a business integrates different marketing mediums under one channel, it becomes easy for customers to get everything in one place. As technology is integrating our lives every day, the line between online and offline works is getting blurred. There are so many devices around us connected to the internet. We use each of them for some specific tasks. But to match the speed of the world, we look for a solution that can run on a single device without compromising the user experience.

This is where omnichannel experience comes into existence. So what does it actually mean? Let’s begin with its definition.

What is Omni-Channel Experience?

Omni-channel can be defined as the multi-channel approach to marketing, sales, and customer service with solutions integrated under one entity or organization that is making the approach. It does not matter where the customer has been reached out.

When a single organization provides its customers an integrated customer experience through sales, marketing, or services, it falls under Omni-channel experience. No matter where the customer is, online using desktop or mobile devices, at the shop, or over the phone with an agent, the experience should be seamless everywhere.

Creating this kind of experience needs integration of customer-serving solutions to its depth. There is a very thin line between omnichannel and multi-channel services if you don’t know about them well.

For example, you are running different campaigns for your organization. You set up an email campaign over one tool then move to another tool to create SMS, missed calls, and other kinds of campaigns. But it does not make sure that these tools are working seamlessly.

This is what Omni-channel is. Everything works seamlessly here. Every tool will be integrated under one solution that will help them work in a synchronized way.

How Sarv is Creating Omni-Channel Presence:

To attain more customers, every company should invest in the omni-channel experience infrastructure. To create this model, take these stakeholders into account.

  • Product
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Customer Support
  • Customer Success

These are the 5 departments we are going to take under consideration while creating the omni-channel experience. Infrastructure will serve your business as a medium that works towards common goals and objectives.

Sarv has different solutions that can help your business create this infrastructure. All these solutions work in synchronization with each other and can be controlled from one account which makes it an ideal option for your business.

SMS Marketing:

This is the best medium to communicate with your customers. SMS can be used for translational notification, OTP, promotional campaigns, and in a way that fits your needs.

From the dashboard, you can set up the whole campaign within a few minutes, and with a few clicks, you can activate or deactivate a campaign. Integrating it with missed call service makes it more efficient.

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Email Marketing:

Emails, the basic need of any business nowadays. Just like SMS, emails can also be used for transactional messages, OTP, campaigns, and product launches. As you may know that email marketing has 400% of ROI.

Sarv provides you this solution with advanced segments, A/B testing, drag-and-drop editor, reports, and matrics. All these will make your campaign more smooth. Under one login, your team will be able to manage emails, subscribers, people leaving you and potentially want to join you.

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Cloud Telephony:

How can you create a seamless customer experience channel without having a call center? Sarv offers you both on-premise and virtual call center services. As it is part of cloud telephony, it also works along with toll-free service and missed call service too.

While opting for the toll-free number, a business can use its existing phone number. If not, a business can also host a number of its liking. With live IVR and cloud synchronization, Sarv delivers you a flexible telephony solution.

Audio and Video Conferencing:

Whether you are scheduling a meeting with your team or your customers, Sarv audio and video conferencing software allows you to conduct meetings on the go with them. Sarv offers both Audio and video conferencing as its products.

Audio conferencing work on VOIP technology makes communication more smooth and with less interference. The moderator of the conference can control the conference from anywhere, just by logging into its account.

Sarv Wave, our video conferencing software, is a purely made-in-India video conferencing solution that was ranked second among 2000 solutions in Innovation Challenge for Video conferencing by the Govt of India. Wave comprises all the basic and advanced features that you need in a video conferencing solution.

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All these services can be controlled with one login credential, but that is not the main attraction. Once you join hands with us, you will be able to move smoothly between these services while creating an omni-channel infrastructure for your customers just like we made for you. If you still have a single ounce of doubt, feel free to contact us.

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