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Missed Call Marketing

Missed Call Marketing (MCM) is a medium in which an interested user calls a phone number with the intent to make a missed call (for some sort of information). Sometimes your call is automatically disconnected with or without a confirmation message. The recipient, ie., the company that provides the services, will then call you with the relevant information.

What is Missed Call Marketing(MCM)?

Missed Call Marketing can be easy, free, and convenient for a person who isn’t aware of the services or product you offer. We see people who have no balance or fewer credits, they tend to make missed calls to their contacts and the same is true in missed call marketing too.

Basically simple interface: Missed call marketing helps you quickly find out your bank account balance if you don’t have an internet connection to log in to your bank’s website. Or, if you need free support from any product or service company, you can launch the app on your phone so they can help you back.

We also see that this service is being used by TV shows where people can vote for their favorite contestant by a missed call.

Different ways brands use missed malls for their business

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Deliver Information Updates

Missed call marketing campaigns are one of the easiest and the ways to update your customers. A missed call to an Indian virtual phone number is usually followed by an SMS alert with the requested information.

Example Banking: Withdrawal amount or deposited? You will get all updates. Yes, banking is one of the best industries that has done an excellent job. Missed call services are now the best way to get details like your account balance, a small statement of your account, and more.

E-Commerce: Another good example of missed call marketing can be seen in e-commerce companies that have missed phone numbers that allow customers to find out the status of their delivery, return policies, or status.

Customer Verification

Need any verification? OTP has been commonly used to verify customers, but a missed call alert can be a better alternative.

Example: Hello, Please give a missed call to +91 8888888 to verify your number.

Missed call confirmation services can be used to verify customers’ mobile numbers.

If missed calls are a confirmation platform, users can be on any telecommunications network and anywhere in the world and still use it for free.

It works with both landline and international numbers where SMS verification does not work.

Lead Generation

Small villages or rural people still have no access to the internet. So, if you want to reach out to people in rural areas, a Missed call marketing campaign can be the best way. A simple cell phone is the only thing that they require.

This is one of the most beneficial ways for a brand to use missed marketing campaigns. Many companies have built their entire business model with a simple missed call.

Businesses can also include the missed call number in all their marketing campaigns, brochures, flyers, etc., and increase the responses significantly.

Missed call marketing allows you to manage peak traffic in a distributed amount of time, thus saving your sales capacity.

Integrate it with lead management system CRM software for lead tracking and note-taking.

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Missed call services make it extremely easy to get feedback by integrating it with SMS marketing.

An SMS is sent to the user requesting a missed call from one of the numbers mentioned in the SMS, which corresponds to the service satisfaction level.

Conducting research, especially in rural areas, can be extremely difficult. Reaching large paper forms and processing these forms is also very expensive. With the missed call service, you can announce a poll with missed call numbers on the radio, TV, or at an exhibition.

You can then use the reporting and analysis tools to check the results of the survey in real-time.

Customer Support:

We always find a missed call number on a product we get. That is because the company can easily manage customer support requests and reduce customer lead times.

Use missed phone numbers, maps, brochures, etc. on your website to simply ask customers to call for missed call support.

Once the call is made, your sales representative will contact them and can provide a great customer experience.


It is exciting to see the different use of missed calls service in the industries. I hope you were able to discover ways you could implement this service in your business. I feel that the best technology for missed calls is simplicity and affordability. It is not limited to any company or size. Both small and large businesses can effectively use missed call marketing.

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