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With an increase in cyber security crimes, it has become essential for businesses to ensure that they have the right security measures in place. Framing complex passwords is not enough to get rid of the problems related to security. Password recycling is the biggest nightmare of various security experts. A report has also indicated that well-known passwords have seen a 20% increase in hacking activities. Implementing a Two-Factor Authentication tool across the applications can make you and your customers safe from potential fraud.

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Voice is one of the most powerful tools of communication. Especially, when it comes to resolving customers’ problems, achieving marketing goals, and promoting the brand’s mission. Voice solutions are no different from any other form of marketing; rather brands are utilizing them to solve customer queries and broaden their buyers’ journeys. Read More


Generating leads and converting them into clients is a difficult task for a B2B sales team. Being an integral part of the business, the sales team is focused on building healthy relationships with customers. We often observe sales representatives busy on calls and they waste their precious time doing manual work. So what’s the solution to this problematic situation? The answer is simple “cloud telephony”.

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Blog-CC-BusinessCommunication is a need of business. Communication is the base of customer service. It stimulates whether you will have a high customer satisfaction or not. It directs whether you will be able to maintain a customer retention rate or not. It implies whether your business will grow or not. A positive service experience (positive communication) drives consumers to make the next purchase. And there’s nothing better than cloud communication for your business. Read More



Have you ever wondered what is the essence of success in your company? Customers, yes it’s your customers who impact the company’s growth. Happy and satisfied customers have a significant contribution to the prosperous future of your business. But making customers happy has never been easy because of extended demands. Using a self-service strategy can help you treat your customers in the ways they want. A call disposition code is a structured way to track customer interaction to promote personalization.

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Blog-Text-to-SpeechIt is the perfect moment to join the text-to-speech bandwagon. Technology is rapidly growing, thus increasing digitized human interaction. Text-To-Speech (TTS) may seem to be basic technology, but it has more benefits than most people know. You can expand the reach of your business – new people, improved employee training, increased productivity, etc. Read More

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