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At present, retaining focus is one of the biggest workplace challenges employees face. The constant urge to check and scroll phones might be the reason behind fluctuating focus and concentration. If to find, there are plenty of distractions in the workplace. These distractions widely affect the performance of sales teams, especially when you don’t have a cloud telephony solution. We know that when it comes to sales, the pace is fast, the pressure is high, plus there is healthy to unhealthy competition. Read More

IVR-FeaturesInteractive Voice Response (IVR) is a staple of contact centers in today’s era. Fierce competition in the market allows IVR systems to stay relevant by enabling advanced features which can accelerate the process of handling calls. It’s a kind of automated support system that decides routing strategies, manages queues and thereby reduces agents’ workloads. Research by Finance Online Study has depicted that customer satisfaction is a key metric for 95.7% of call center professionals. Likewise, true IVR technology is helpful in bringing both credibility and high-quality customer service within a call center setting.

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Modern technology has allowed businesses to make improved communication and collaboration that leads to the development of new kinds of human contact, all thanks to Unified Communication. Technological breakthroughs create an opportunity for small businesses to invest in unified communication for effortless interactions. Connecting different communication systems allows for facilitating a unified experience for internal departments and customers as well. This is the reason why you should add unified communication to your list while running a small business.

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What do you think a customer does before making a purchase? They scroll, research, compare, and contact. What do you think customers want most? Convenience! The ease to connect with the business and get the right information for their enquiry. If you’re into marketing, you might’ve heard of the ‘click-to-call’ service, which amplifies conversion rates. Read More


The classic contact centers were confined to a box of limitations affecting customizability and ease of deployment. Businesses were using premise-based contact centers that offer the freedom to customize but at a high cost. Meanwhile, exponential customer experience and changes in deployment require costly professional services, which would take months (or years). In contrast, cloud-based contact centers provide quick deployment with a choice of customizability.

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The customer support process has never been easy! Take yourself ten years back. Then, the source of communication was only email and calls. To reach out to the brands, you have to manually search their contact information on their website. And if you plan to write them, you have to wait for at least a week for their response. But at present, technological innovations and coronavirus have changed everything. You have the cloud to store, access, and retrieve files from anywhere. You have automation to eradicate human errors. You get high availability, speed, scalability, and security with it. Imagine the evolution it has done to communication. It has promoted remote and hybrid working across the globe. A new possibility that has transformed communication between a brand and customer.

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